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Sep 16,2020

SEO optimization is often understood as the selection of keywords and the creation of relevant content. However, this is not all. Your company logo can also be useful. It can be optimized for search engines. Best of all, this move is a neat way of SEO optimization. After all, few people use it.

Today we will tell you how to use a logo to increase the visibility of your company not only on social networks. This requires just a few steps.

5 things to pay attention to

The logo is one of the most important images on the site. Therefore, simple placement is a lot of missed opportunities. By optimizing your logo for search engines, you will help them connect the company to the topic of the site. This will increase the relevance of the pages.

In addition, logo search engine optimization is especially relevant to local businesses. If a person searches for a service or product that you offer, then you will find yourself at the top of the search results. The main thing is to let the search algorithms understand what you are doing and where.

In the case of a logo, this will help.:

  • File format.
  • Attribute ALT
  • File name
  • Relationship of the link and header attribute
  • Schema. org markup.

Below, we will consider each of the points in detail.

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File Format

If your site is on WordPress, then you are most likely using DIV / CSS image replacements. They speed up page loading a bit. However, the difference is insignificant. At least when you compare the benefits of such a solution with the search engine optimization of a logo.

These encoding options do not include the ALT attribute and exclude the use of Schema. org markup. Website loading speed affects ranking significantly less than the optimized image code. Therefore, it is better to use IMG.

This is an especially relevant recommendation for start-up companies that are just making a website. If you decide to start an online store, then logo optimization will contribute to this. First of all, that will increase the likelihood of being found by users.

ALT Attribute

It is one of the main ways to link text to image content. Search algorithms are improving. Now they interpret the content of the images much better than before. However, the presence of the ALT attribute in the IMG tag is still a significant signal for crawlers. With its help, knowledge about the image is strengthened, or those keywords are provided that the algorithms have not yet managed to display.

What should you know about the ALT attribute for a logo?

  1. Having a company name, even an official one, is better than no information.
  2. Unique brand naming improves site ranking when adding a name to ALT.
  3. You can increase your ranking by keywords, product, niche, or location by adding information to the attribute.
  4. Add a moderate amount of information. Otherwise, search engines will identify the attribute description as not matching the content of the image. An example of maximum filling:
    ALT Attribute  
  5. To add more information, embed text in the image. For example, you can place the name of the company, the product, and the city in which it operates. Also, you can embed a slogan with a lot of keywords. For example: "Homemade cakes to order in Tripoli, Iowa".

File name

It also affects keyword associations. People are unlikely to be looking for your logo. Therefore, it is worth giving the file a name that indicates the name and type of activity of the company.
File Name

Link and title Attribute

For the logo optimization to work properly, it should be linked to the home page of your site. How? Make a canonical link to the home page. Additional optimization will be provided by adding the Title attribute to it. It can also be specified in the IMG tag. However, if ALT is already indicated there, then it is better to add the Title attribute to the link. The title must be identical or very similar to the ALT content.

Link and Title Attribute

Google Webmaster

Schema. org logo markup (Google)

It is a semantic markup by which search engines identify the official site logo from a set of images.

What is the advantage of this logo layout? It increases the likelihood of the logo being displayed in the knowledge field when searching by company name. This will give you a ranking advantage. Presence in most of the search results page, combined with displaying images to the right, increases the likelihood of clicks. The CTR, in turn, will help increase your site's ranking over time.

Example markup:
Markup Example

The protocol allows you to select the type and category of the organization. You can adjust the value of the element accordingly. To do this, contact Schema. org.


The search engine optimization logo is a thing that few companies think about. It doesn't sound exciting, which is great for your company. By optimizing your logo, you will do something that most likely will not even occur to competitors. This means you will be one step ahead.

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