2020 Core Update Rolling Out: Google Confirms

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May 08,2020

Well, it’s confirmed that Google has just updated its core algorithm, the official statement has out. This is a second core algorithm update of 2020, the first was in January and second in May. Just between gaps of a few months, another update is here. On May 4, 2020, Google officially announced the news on Twitter.


Google always works ahead of SEO in releasing updates, every year several updates are being released to make the search engine more advanced and powerful. Complete guidelines also released in the Google webmaster central blog regarding this core update.

The primary aim of the update is to improve the overall system to assess the content effectively. They are not targeting any site or pages to drop or gain the ranking. It’s all about appreciating those pages which are undervalued.

Let’s take an example if you have enlisted the trends of the logo design in 2015 based on the current demand, but later on, after a few years, the trends may change. So you need to refresh the list of it and add a few latest trends of the logo. And you will add in the list so that the older list needs to be modified and the trends higher in the list earlier will be moved down. 

What’s the Core Update?

With billions of searches and a huge number of databases, Google is a great search engine in the world. Due to that, they need to keep it updated with the latest features and make it more and more powerful and for that updates are necessary. 

Well, Google may release many updates throughout the year, but the only core updates are being noticed significantly and come with the official statement. Core updates come with remarkable changes in the search engine which may be seen in the website ranking directly. 

Google will make an official statement for the only core updates because they tweak so many things in the search algorithms. Core updates have a noticeable modification than the regular updates. 

May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

It’s always a point of discussion among the SEO community that what should be done to tackle this new challenge, isn’t it? Well, every update comes with new challenges and new opportunities to rank higher on your website. 

Along with the update description, they also mention that there’s nothing to fix if your page falls in the ranking. However, it’s also true that top-quality content is the thing that this search engine update wants to see. So, try to include the best content you can and keep the standard high to get the amazing rank and user traffic. Moreover, it’s also necessary to self-assess the content you have provided, but how? Let’s see it:

  • Content needs to be original and well-research or analyzed
  • Try to write with a clear source and evidence to make it more trustworthy
  • Information you have provided must be interesting and helps to make analysis
  • Content must provide comprehensive detail about the topic
  • Your content must be detailed enough so that it draws the attention of readers

It can be interpreted that by looking at the core update we need to be very much concerned about the content which we’re posting. This is the only feasible solution that we can predict to improve our site ranking in the current core algorithm update.

What Change You May Face

It’s obvious that you may experience so many changes while Google updates their algorithm. The most obvious change you may see in the site’s ranking. There would be remarkable fluctuations in the ranking of every website globally. Some may see a drop and few may gain, just because of the updates there is nothing wrong with the website. 

Don’t be in a hurry to find the solution to fix the problem, have some detailed analysis of how rankings are changing based on certain parameters, and then do the needful.

History of Google Algorithm Updates 2020

Well, we all know how frequently Google updates its search engine algorithm. The primary reason behind these many updates is to make the search experience easy and more user friendly. However, it comes with so many questions for the SEO executives and their sites may witness a noticeable difference in the ranking.


So, let's see some of the Google algorithm updates and what changes they bring in the search engine.

  1. May 04, 2020 (May 2020 core update):

    Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed a new algorithm update about to be rolled out on May 04. It was a second core update of this year, in the middle of the year we got two core updates and probably many more to come.
  2. January 22, 2020 (featured snippet description):

    This time it affected the featured snippet position on the webpage, it can not be repeated in regular page 1 organic listing. It has made a huge impact on almost all search listings globally.
  3. January 13, 2020 (January 2020 core update):

    The first core update of 2020. Again Danny Sullivan comes with the official statement on the latest updates and the same guidelines which they have been providing every time.

Hence, this is how Google has made so many changes in the algorithm within a few months to make the search engine stronger. Definitely, many more yet to come in this year only. 

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, the new Google algorithm core update comes with many challenges for the webmaster. However, no need to panic every problem has a solution and this also will be gone away with better efforts for sure. You may experience drastic changes in your website ranking and other factors but a little bit more effort and better analysis can help you to make the situation settled.

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