About Us

ProDesigns empower the companies around the globe to transform with a smart approach focused on Creating the Brand Identity, not creating just a Design.

We work with Startups and Multinational ventures to transfer into new brand concept because we understand the value of elevated brand identities for new as well as established business structures.

Who Are We

ProDesigns was founded and established by Nirav Dave in India with the belief that Graphic Design is an effective source of Creativity and Art that associates us at the global level. It has been an amazing journey since inception in 2013. In its earlier period it was not that well-known name in the industry, but later a real mentor and employees never looked back.

With an energizing blend of passion, determination, hard work and a sprinkling of good fortunes, ProDesigns today is a team of 90+ ingenious, robust and experienced geeks.

ProDesigns follows same principles of offering holistic service to its customer just like its parent company Sukhadaam Infotech Pvt. Ltd. with extensive and yet expanding the scope of services in Graphics Designing & Web Development, ProDesigns has the personnel, assets, and strategy to exceed client expectations.

Our Strength

We are your ultimate Brand Creation partner - A group of budding creative and prolific experts who together can help you to accomplish strategic business goals.

We like to push the limits of what's possible when it comes to word "Design". Our new, minimalist and engaging design imply that your brand will undoubtedly do wonders for your business.

In addition to designs, we have expertise in creating feature-rich & stylish Free and Paid WordPress themes. The best part is that with ProDesigns, your only limitation is your imagination.

We are a goal oriented company that has been recognized many times for its Exceptional services in the field of Graphic Designing. We trust in working hard to deliver what we guarantee to our clients.

We believe that our Next is our Best.

Our Creative Team

  • Nirav Dave
    Nirav Dave
    Founder & CEO
  • Nidhi Dave
    Nidhi Dave
    Co-founder & CTO
  • Umesh Pal
    Umesh Pal
    HR and G&D Manager
  • Harsh Manek
    Harsh Manek
    Financial Advisor
  • Smitraj Chauhan
    Smitraj Chauhan
    Design Guru
  • Himanshu Jadav
    Himanshu Jadav
    Design Guru
  • Devang Sadh
    Devang Sadh
    Customer Relationship Manager
  • Avinash Dave
    Avinash Dave
    Mockup Artist
  • Jay Parekh
    Jay Parekh
    Project Manager
  • Kishan Kurani
    Kishan Kurani
    Customer Relationship Executive
  • Hitesh Dafda
    Hitesh Dafda
    Customer Relationship Executive
  • Mohit Pandya
    Mohit Pandya
    HR & Network Admin