5 Factors That Will Leave a Lasting Impression of Your Logo

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May 25,2017

Owing to the fast-paced world we live in, the purpose that a logo serves has altered over a period of time. In older times, logo requirements were nearly minimal and there was no major concept behind their creation. Fast forward to 2017 and you will find that a logo creates an impact almost immediately. Creating a logo that resonates perfectly with the human subconscious mind has been considered more important than it was 100 years back.


If you think that designing a logo is easy as a pie, then you are completely believing a misconception. It is not merely some colors, symbols, and text put together. It is the identity of a brand and that too to an extent where people at times remember your brand’s flat logo design more than your brand’s name.


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Factors to Take Care Of,

  • Choose Flat Logo Design that Appeals to Different Audiences

Be it for design or writing, the two factors which help you, in the long run, are flexibility and adaptability. In other words, you need to come out of your comfort zone and try something out of the box. You need to become dynamic to yield great results. Being rigid in your designing approach leaves no scope for innovation and improvement and ultimately, the designs that you usually create, die out. Therefore, a logo should be dynamic in nature. This definitely does not mean that it should change every month but means that it should be flexible enough to attract a wide spectrum of audiences. And when the audience is large, you are bound to keep in mind their choices and preferences.

  • Make it Simple Yet Unique

Your creativity possibly knows no bounds but keep one thing in mind; keep it simple. You need to keep in mind that a logo is not a platform for showing off your typography and illustration skills. It is more of a test that analyzes your presentation and insight. For instance, the logo of Facebook is very simple yet unique. Most of the time, the logo will not even require its brand’s name and will also work even if we stop using the brand’s name altogether. The marketing team at Facebook can use it on the internet, billboards, flyers, etc. and the audience would still recognize it, no matter if the name ‘Facebook’ is not present. This is the power of a simple logo that every custom logo design company should keep in mind.

  • Have a Story Behind Your Logo

All the renowned enterprises and brands you come across have a logo that has a story to tell. If you consider your logo as a mere piece of art or a platform for displaying your creativity, you will never be able to engage your customers. Every logo has two stories hidden behind it-one that the people presume and the second that is hidden. If you can show your customers that your brand’s logo has a story behind it and is being created with deep and meticulous thinking, they will surely fall in love with it. A flat logo design that is just a shallow piece of artwork will be unsuccessful in leaving an impact on your customers.

  • Keep A Check on the Colour Palette

This is also one of the most important considerations while designing a logo. Since color carries a lot of meaning and ideas, do not take this decision in haste. While sometimes you will be constrained due to the color of the brand’s name, there are times when you might be given the liberty to choose the colors for your logo design packages at your own will. Make sure that the colors you choose to bring a new life to the logo and make it more attractive.

Awaiting More Information?

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Nidhi Dave

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