5 Reasons Why Minimalistic Logos Are Winning?

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May 30,2017

Every brand desires to be recognized and to acquire that special place in your heart. Whether they offer great services and products or offer excellent customer services, the idea is to make an impact that lasts longer. When it comes to a brand’s success, it does not just depend on the revenue generated or the number of sales figures, but also on brand recognition and impact. This is where a brand’s logo becomes its strongest weapon to leave its impact on the world. It is after all the logo, be it a fashion logo design, beauty logo design, or any feminine logo design that engages the users and increases the frequency of your business growth.


One of the recent trends that have hit the logo design world, is minimalism. Yes, you heard that right. Minimalistic logo designs are a hit and follow the philosophy to say more with the least. If you are also wondering about the reason, why minimalism has joined as the new trend on designing logos, then we are more than happy to help you. Just read on and discover the reasons as to why minimalistic logos are winning.

Why Minimalistic Logos?

If you like to be updated about the various trends that have come and gone in the designing industry, you might be aware of the fact that minimalism is not new. From the last few years, it has been gaining popularity in various verticals of designing, be it interior or web.


Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why minimalistic logo design is currently a hot choice amongst designers.

1. Because Complexity is Old School

A few years back, owing to the introduction of technology, most of the designers followed the principle ‘because we can’. Since they had their hands on numerous options like lighting effect, gradients, filters, 3D rendering, and what not, they wanted to experiment with everything together in their logos. They did it because they wanted to and not because it was necessary.


However, now is the time to stand out from the crowd. And the only way to do so is to leave the complex designs behind and experiment with something simple and unique.

2. Cutting through the Exuberance

The proliferation of these extravagant and adorned logos requires a lot of concentration and attention. And you know what? We don’t have time for that. A simple, distilled and minimalist logo can be easily analyzed and stored in the memory as it cuts through the exuberance created by flashy and complex logos such as beauty logo designs. We usually ignore or pass over the complex logos and on the other hand, simple logo designs tend to stay for a longer time in our minds.

3. Simplicity is King

Look around yourself and you will instantly reach the conclusion that we crave simplicity. All of us. In the contemporary world of complexities and hustle-bustle, we crave simple things; be it recipes, names, interfaces, or logo designs. For instance, it is better to design a simple feminine logo design for your lingerie brand, than creating a flashy one. Remember, simplicity is win-win in all the verticals.

4. Authenticity & Solidity

While the present internet era is all flexible and updateable, we all are looking forward to some authenticity, simplicity, trust and solidity as well. We want to be assured that behind the scene of marketing and all that hype, there exists something which is real and is here to stay. Simplicity equals confidence, sophistication, authenticity, and security. Many of the successful brands are coming down to basic logo designs with an aim to simplify themselves.

5. It’s More Than Just a Saga

The 90’s logos were basically woven around a story and therefore, the logo designs were more illustrative and gave a feeling of storytelling. Moreover, this option was adopted by not one, but a lot of designers. However, the fact is that a logo is not meant to illustrate the story behind a brand in a literal manner. Instead, a logo should encompass the entire story and symbolize it. The story has not been lost; instead, it has taken a simpler form that is clearly recognized and remembered by people.

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