Why isn't a Premade Logo a Good Option for Your Business?

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Dec 16,2019

Logos are an important part of a business, visually representing a brand. They should be made unique and distinctive to increase brand recognition. When it comes to designing a logo, many businesses prefer to use pre-made logos that are commonly available online. These pre-made logos are available at a low price. But are these logos suitable for businesses?

A logo is the identity of a business, and it creates a positive or negative impression in the minds of potential customers. A good logo would graphically represent your core message, business values, and the services you offer. A properly designed logo will be memorable for your customers, which can leave an everlasting impression in their minds.

Logos are very important, unlike other marketing collaterals like flyers and brochures that have a limited lifespan. Once the ad campaign is over, the design and content are not useful. How much memorable your design will be, customers will easily forget them. But this is different in case of logo design, whose lifespan outweighs that of any marketing collateral.

Pre-made logos can be made by slightly tweaking the font style or color. The reason why businesses choose this logo is that they are available at a low cost. If you are a business with a vision and want to build your identity, then the premade logo will give a negative impression of your business, affecting your image.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why a premade logo isn’t a good option for your business.

  1. Similar logo:

    A pre-made logo is mass-produced and not tailor-made. So, there are high chances that some other business might be having the same type of logo as yours. Pre-made logos lack originality and don’t give your business a unique standpoint.
  2. Temporary solution:

    Getting a premade logo is only a temporary solution. Hiring a professional logo design company might seem expensive when compared to the costing of a downloadable template, but as your business grows, you will have to rebrand yourself and have a distinct logo anyway.

    It is better to get a logo designed from the very beginning. Logos can be kept forever, so even if there is an upfront cost, it won’t be wasted. In fact, with a well-designed logo, you will increase customer recognition and credibility, improving the chances of success of your business.
  3. Exclusive rights:

    When you get a custom logo designed, professionals will give you exclusive rights of the logo, the ownership rights, which you can’t get in a premade logo.

    Trademarking your business name and logo is the key to protecting your brand. Without a trademark, anyone can set up a similar business like yours in the market and trade with the same name.

    The main issue with the premade logos is they cannot be trademarked. When you purchase the design template, you get a license to utilize it and not the ownership of the graphic.
  4. Design isn’t as good:

    The design of a premade logo is very generic and isn’t as good. They are often created by designers who are not very skilled. A pre-made logo isn’t a sign of professionalism.

    You may want to save your cost, but it is essential to remember that your logo is the identity of your business. It should be able to tell your brand story and indicate your business values. A generic logo will not be able to capture the essence of your brand, and it will be visible.

    The level of expertise and experience behind pre-made logos is less. They are not created by keeping the specifics of your business in mind, designed by professionals who don’t have an understanding of the design concepts and buyer’s psychology.
  5. No customization:

    Once you buy a premade logo, you can’t customize the same; even if you don’t like something about the logo. Although some providers offer limited changes that you can ask for, that would be for an extra cost. However, this is not true when you are working with a professional logo design company. The company offers different versions of the same logo, and even if you are not satisfied with the logo, you can ask for variations. The professionals will always be ready to provide you with a free revision.
  6. No versatility:

    Pre-made logos are not versatile. From print to social media, big to small, your logo should be usable in all formats across various platforms. Professional logo designers ensure that the logo created by them can be used across different mediums.

    A premade logo comes in one shape and size. They are often delivered in limited formats and one-size-fits-all design. Much thought isn’t given on how it will be used in small sizes like business cards and large sizes like billboards.

    With only one size and shape of your logo to work with, you can run into problems.

Wrapping it up

An effective logo differentiates your brand from your competitors and creates a positive first impression. It identifies your brand and establishes it in the minds of the consumers, similar to brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, McDonald’s, etc. A logo adds a visual image that people automatically associate with the brand.

Therefore, having a custom logo design is important for your business rather than a premade logo. A tailored logo can define your brand's personality, which in turn can make it more attractive to consumers.

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