Where Should You Place Your Logo To Grab Eyeballs?

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Dec 30,2019

What is the next step after creating a logo for your brand? It is to use this visual identity to communicate with your audience. When you use your logo, it unifies all your visual touchpoints to evoke positive feelings about your brand. Logo in its own is nothing, but if you use it across various mediums, it becomes a unifying symbol of all the positive messages you send about your brand.

Customers come in contact with a lot of advertisements every day, making it possible for you to display your logo on different platforms and grab their attention.

So, where should you place your logo to make a mark on customers? You have to use it strategically to have the most impact. So, using your logo at places where your potential customers can find you is the key. Logo soon becomes a brand people recognize.

In this post, we will look at places you can put your logo that may help you to boost brand recall and increase your lead generation to raise awareness of your brand.

  1. Website and blog:

    Websites are important platforms for promoting your products and services, so, including logo design, there would be helpful. The logo should be placed where it is easy to grab visitors’ attention. Logo placement is crucial since most web visitors only spend a few minutes surfing the website.

    As per the research, your logo will perform better on your website when it is located on the upper left-hand corner of your website. This is because it is the place where visitors’ eyes are naturally drawn when they open a website for the first time. Also, don’t forget to put your logo on the site’s favicon.

    On your blog, you can place your logo in the upper left-hand corner again, or in the top middle section if that works for you.

    Ensure you customize the site icon, so your logo is visible when multiple browser tabs are open.
  2. Social media

    Another online platform where you need your logo is your social media profiles. A logo is the first thing that gets noticed when visitors come on your profiles. Make sure your logo looks professional on them. Every time you post content, your logo becomes visible in the newsfeed of the followers. When you have a loyal fan following, a familiar logo is enough to make followers stop and read your advertisements.

    Make sure you get logo files with the proper sizing for various social media accounts. Format your logo according to the specifications of different channels so that your followers can see it properly.
  3. Business Cards

    Business cards are still an effective way of branding. Many people still value the personal touch involved in sharing a business card. As compared to other marketing collaterals, the chances of a business card being thrown out are less. By displaying your logo in a business card, you can grab the attention of your potential customers.

    You can distribute these business cards in events, sales letters, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. They are a small, yet powerful tool, and can potentially go to a lot of new customers. You can put your logo on a business card with a clear selling point that’s easy to remember. If you can communicate the value of your business in a few seconds, people are more likely to keep your card for later.
  4. Letters and emails

    You should use your logo in the letters and emails you are sending to the people. In fact, use your logos at different places so that your name comes into the minds of consumers when they need a product. Get your stationery printed with a logo letterhead and include your logo in the emails and newsletters near your contact info. If you send regular emails to your subscriber list, there will be more engagement around your brand. Customers will start trusting you, forming a connection with your logo and brand.
  5. Signage and banners

    Use your logo on any signage that you put out and banners to advertise your brand. You would have seen many brands putting their logos on banners as well as signages. For example, McDonald’s logo is visible from a distance when the restaurant is nearby.

    Remember to place your logo in areas that can naturally draw a visitor’s attention. Don’t just stick to eye-level signages. There are brands that hang ceiling signs to grab attention as customers walk in. Signs and banners can be effectively used to create a buzz about your brand in the market.
  6. Business vehicles

    You would have come across vehicles covered with advertising. Branded vehicles are attractive because they are covered with bold colors and graphics. Putting those elements into motion creates a striking display that prompts viewers to know more about your brand. So, you can convert your company vehicles into moving ads. Use your company colors, and put large logos and taglines in areas that are easy to read in motion.

    If you have cars or trucks of your company, consider painting them in your business color scheme. The more memorable your graphics are, the easier it is for passersby to remember your brand.
  7. Other promotional items

    Make sure your logo is included in various promotional items of your brand, which includes everything from pens to other stationery items.

    Clothing and caps are great places to put your logo, giving you maximum coverage. Putting your logo on mugs and water bottles is also a great way to advertise.

    Similar to letters, invoices, and business forms too can enable you to distribute branded items on a routine basis. You can even have your staff apparel custom printed with your logo and tagline.

    You can even choose promotional items like pens, keychains, shirts, bags, etc. to have your logo in.

Winding up

The idea of branding never stops, and you should keep on looking for new ingenious ways to display your logo. It will gradually become a part of your company and will communicate with your potential clients and business partners.

Although a brand is a lot bigger than a logo, people see these small symbols more than any other element. Make sure your logo is fulfilling your business goals, and not just filling up space. Look for ways to naturally incorporate your logo into any material people see.

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