Which One Should You Choose for Your Logo Design: Logo Maker, Freelance Designer, or Design Agency?

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Jul 15,2019

Logo is an integral part of any business. A logo can capture the attention of the consumers and can communicate business’ objectives, representing the brand perfectly. It can help in creating a unique and good visual identity of the business. It can differentiate a business from competitors, instantly connecting your customers to your brand and helping increase your visibility.

Getting a logo designed is an important decision for all businesses. Think of iconic logos of McDonald’s or Walmart. They are a representation of the brand’s name and can be easily identified by consumers. When it comes to designing of logo, you have various options available.

You can make your logo yourself by a logo maker or hire a freelance designer or a design agency to bring your logo ideas to life. Depending on your needs and budget, one can be better suited to you rather than the other. The colors, fonts, shapes, layouts, etc. that are chosen can visually represent your company, having a great impact on your customers.

You want your logo to represent your brand exactly the way you want it to be, so taking the right decision of assigning the work of logo design is crucial. This post throws light on the three primary options of getting your logo designed.

  • Online Logo Maker:

    To create your logo, you can do a simple search for online logo makers and try to make it yourself. There are websites that offer easy-to-use tools to generate automatic logo designs. Even if you don’t have design experience, you will not face any problem creating a logo for yourself. The tools are user-friendly that work quickly and seamlessly.

    These tools present with logo designs within no time, way faster than a designer. The websites having online logo makers are capable of delivering multiple designs within a minute. These tools are beneficial when you need a logo fast or have a deadline to meet.

    You get an option to choose from the available fonts, color, style, graphics and vectors, effects, etc. There is a limit of iterations any designers can do for you. Online logo maker removes this limitation, allowing you to make changes in the design as many times as you want. These kinds of logo makers are often free, and even if they charge, it’s very cost-effective.

    However, it is to be kept in mind that the logos that you get from logo makers aren’t original. It’s just a simple solution to make a custom logo. To create a unique logo, hiring a logo designer or design agency is better.

    There are also chances that another business uses the same tool to create its logo. This can lead to duplication of the logo, with another business having the same logo as yours.

    A logo maker can’t give the same personal touch that designers give. A logo is created by them by considering the psychology behind colors and shapes and psychology of fonts. They design a logo according to your target audience, which is not true in the case of a logo maker.
    Using a logo maker is recommended if you are low in your budget and want the logo design fast.
  • Freelance Graphic Designer:

    Freelance graphic designers are independent designers working on a project-by-project basis. They are self-employed, working on their own rates and schedule. Their skill level and talent vary. If you are looking to hire freelance designers, have a look at their portfolio of past work and analyze their style to determine whether they fit your requirements or not. The hardest part is finding the right freelance designer for your logo.

    Freelance designers take your ideas, brand personality, and style and convert that into a logo. They are generally experienced, having worked with many clients before, with an idea about how to transform your ideas into reality. They are even flexible and can customize a project to fit your business requirements.

    Freelance designers are cost-effective as they don’t need to maintain an office or pay to staff. The operating expense of an individual is lesser than business agencies, leading to lower service charges for the same work.

    One-to-one communication is possible with freelance designers, whereas, in the case of design agencies communication is generally with customer relationship executives rather than graphic designers themselves. The message isn’t lost in the whole process of communication, and both designer and customer can understand each other’s point of view.

    You can even get your designs as soon as they are finalized by the designers. It is also possible to quickly give your comments to get the iterations done if required.

    There are times when you will need your logo design work to be done on an immediate basis. Freelance designers can be very helpful in such situations as they have flexible working hours, unlike design agencies having fixed working hours. The chances are that they will adjust their personal routine to deliver your project on an urgent basis. Freelance designers give personal attention to the customers and accept projects only that they can handle.

    The problem is that you might not always come across experienced freelancers; there are newbies too. The screening process may be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have much idea about designs.
    If you choose to get the revisions done, in case you aren’t satisfied with the product, you will have to pay more. Revisions might even take the additional time of which you wouldn’t have an idea about. So it is vital that you ask beforehand how long revisions will take.

    Designers might even be unresponsive at times, and in case of any criticisms, they might even leave the project unfinished, leaving you hanging.

    Freelance designers are suitable for clients that have a mid-range budget, have a clear vision of what style of design they want, and wish to get involved in the design process from start to finish.
  • Design Agency:

    A design agency is usually a company having a dedicated team of designers. Hiring a design agency is a good idea for logo design as there is a team of professionals expert in designing a logo with high chances of completing your work perfectly.

    The agency works with a number of clients to build their brands. It spends a considerable amount of time on market research and competitive analysis to ensure that the brand follows the current design trends. The designers continuously study the trends and new techniques in design, creating unique designs for you.

    They not only craft distinctive logo designs and help you to strategically position your company in a competitive way but enable you to maintain a consistent brand identity. They will suggest how to use logos in various scenarios and give color specifications to ensure designs used on various channels match with your logo.

    The creative team of a design agency with its talent comes up with unique logos that you are proud of, and your customers get attracted to.

    The designers working in an agency are talented and passionate about what they do. They understand your business, audience, competition, and your requirements. They step into the shoes of customers and see the design from different perspectives until it is perfect.

    Design agencies create a smart and complete identity for clients that range from startups to enterprises through logos. They see design and branding from all angles, digging into every single detail of the design to create a logo that can make a business stand out.

    They craft logos that can communicate the brand values of a business. Agencies can guide the brands through the whole process of designing. Their whole team works with you, including project managers, graphic designers, account managers, etc.

    In the case of external factors, an agency can ensure that your project doesn’t go off track. If any problem arises with the logo or designer, there are more resources and staff to come up with solutions. When you are hiring a design agency, you get an established reputation that comes with it. It is worth your investment.

    However, the cost of a design agency is quite high. A startup is generally short on budget and can’t afford a design agency for its logo.
    Design agencies work on multiple projects, which can result in a delay in the completion of the project. Plus employees there work for fixed working hours. If you want to communicate with them, you have to during their working hours.

    Personal attention is also not possible in the case of design agencies as they have more number of clients. Their focus is mostly on higher-paying clients. They accept as many projects as they can. Freelance designers do revisions as agreed upon earlier. No more than promised revisions are done.

    Design agencies work best for businesses that have a good budget, are looking for full branding services, have a considerable amount of time to get their logo, and want to get involved in the design process from start to finish.


Making a selection between logo maker, freelance designer, and agency depends upon individual factors. Like everything, each of them has its pros and cons. Every business has different requirements, and that’s why these different options exist. If you feel like using an online logo maker to save costs, go for it. But if you want an original and unique logo, take the help of a freelance designer or a design agency.

Make a proper balance between affordability and design expertise. If you have found a reliable freelancer that can match your style and requirements, within your budget, work with him/her. If you have a decent budget, hire a design agency and let its expertise do wonders for establishing your brand name in the market.

Whichever method you choose, have a clear idea about what your brand is and how you want to present yourself in front of the world. The logo will be the face of your brand for quite some time, and it is important that it effectively communicates your brand value and stays in the memories of people for a long time.

The most important takeaway is to do your research properly before choosing whom to hire or designing your logo your own way. Evaluate what’s best suited for your business. Use this guide as a reference and start your research on online tools, agencies, and freelancers that might work for you.

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