Want to Improve your Logo? Quick Tips to Improvise and Take it to the Next Level

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Sep 09,2019

A company’s logo is considered to be showcasing the brand identity of a business. It is successful only if the logo design can deliver the right message to the target audience. A logo can either make or break its business prospects in the market. A perfectly designed logo can build a good rapport with the target audience. A poorly designed logo fails to communicate the message of a business and harms the reputation of the company.

A professionally designed logo can convert your prospects into loyal customers. Therefore, your logo has to be perfectly designed. If your logo isn’t well designed and you are looking to redesign, we have these tips for you to put you on the right path!

  • Research

Before you start redesigning your logo to improve it, it is crucial to spend time researching and sketching ideas instead of directly starting to design. By researching you get fresh new ideas and inspiration from other logos. You have to design a logo that relates to your brand.

A good starting point is to write a list of words that describes and relates to your business like modern, creative, distinctive, top-notch, and so on. In your research phase, you can be wild with your ideas.

The purpose of preparing this list is to assign adjectives to your business to implement that in your logo design. By writing your ideas, you can come up with everything that is there in your mind, which can be useful to create logo designs.

Once you do research and write ideas, you can start sketching out your logo ideas.

  • Audience

The first thing that you should know before creating your logo again is to decide your target audience. For example, if your target audience is millennial, then you have to choose the colors, shapes, fonts, according to their interests and preferences.

If your target audience is females, you have to create your logo that way. Therefore, it is vital to determine the target audience before you start reworking on your logo. Even if you make a minor mistake in your logo, it can have awful effects if the target audience didn’t like it.

  • Team members

Once you have done your research and considered the target audience, it is time to involve your team members also in the logo design process. Start creative thinking sessions with them. Sometimes it may happen that even after brainstorming sessions, you might not come up with something useful. You can also hire a professional designer who can easily understand the type of logo design you will need.

  • Out-of-the-box thinking

Though a logo is just a small part of your branding, it is crucial and should have a distinctive look. Having a unique logo doesn’t mean you have to create a detailed logo. There are some well-known brands who have minimalist and simple logos. A good starting point is to decide what kind of logo you want, whether in simple fonts like Google or Coca-Cola or with an icon like that of Nike or Starbucks.

Think out-of-the-box in designing your logo. If you are considering keeping only fonts in your logo, think about how you can keep the fonts of your logo to give it a unique look. Use fonts that will fit your brand and make your new logo look more exciting.

If you want to use icon along with font, use icons that are simple and not too complex. They should be of high-quality even if used on various mediums and in different sizes.

  • Nature of your business

Before you redesign your logo, think whether the fonts, colors, shapes, and icons fits your brand and is relevant. Your logo should be a representation of your brand. The colors and images that you use should align with your business and be able to create a brand identity of your business in this highly competitive market.

Your targeted customers should be able to get your message and understand your business values when they see your logo, which should be a reflection of what your business is.

  • Old logo

You should not remove or change your old logo completely. It is important to keep some elements and attributes of your old logo in your new logo to make it recognizable. However, the confusion that may arise is what to discard and what to keep. This can be resolved by asking your customers and understanding their preferences, expectations, interests, etc.

You can create a questionnaire and distribute it in customers to get their feedback and opinions. This will give you an idea about which part of the old logo you should keep and which part you should discard.

Also, discuss among the management and your team members about it before taking the decision.

  • Color

Color plays a major role in determining a brand’s message. For example, if you are using the blue color in your logo, it will indicate trust, loyalty, reliability. It is, therefore, vital to understand the psychology of colors before using them in your logo.

Use bright and bold colors to attract people’s attention. They should, however, reflect your brand personality as well. As every color evokes emotion, it is important to use it carefully.

  • Fonts

Fonts shouldn’t be picked randomly but should be used after understanding the psychology of fonts as they speak about the personality of a brand. For example, while using fonts for kids, generally handwritten fonts would be used to project business as child-friendly.

So, pay attention to fonts so that there is not a mismatch between the fonts you use and your brand personality. Otherwise your logo will send wrong signals to your target audience. You can even use your unique fonts the way Coca-Cola has used.

  • Simplicity

Keeping a logo simple is very important because when a logo is too complicated, it will not be able to deliver the right message to your target audience. When you want to improve your logo, keep it simple and minimalist.

If you use too many colors, your logo will become flashy and showy. You should have a visually appealing logo that lays an impact on your potential customers. The viewers should be able to get the meaning at the very first glance with the use of just one or two colors, fonts, and other elements.

A simple logo can be made memorable too easily - for example, Nike or Apple logo. Simplicity helps in creating a brand identity for a business.

  • Testing

After the logo is ready, it is time to test the logo in your target market. See how the audience reacts to it and what critics have to say. Ask your loyal customers to express their opinions on your improved logo. You can even take the opinions of professional designers.

Once you have the feedback, you can make the necessary changes in the logo to make it more effective. If you, however, get positive reviews, you can start using it on various mediums.


Create a logo that is simple yet elegant. Your improved logo should be versatile and scalable. Use colors and fonts that are brand specific.

The end goal of the logo is to appeal to the customers and help you create a distinctive identity in the market. Above tips can assist you in improving your logo that can enhance your brand recognition.

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