Want to Create a Memorable Logo? What Things Should you Take Care of?

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Dec 02,2019

The logo is a symbol for a brand that people recognize and quickly associate with. In today’s competitive world, a logo is a visual identity that helps in drawing people’s attention. A memorable logo is, therefore, important to stay in the minds of consumers for a long time. For example, logos of brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s are memorable.

From colors to shapes to typography, every element in a logo design says something. Logo design takes a lot of planning and thought, and it is crucial that it represents your business and is something that users can easily remember.

Research has shown that most of the memorable logo designs have a simple design. Simplicity can draw consumers’ attention. Having a memorable logo can make your brand unique and help you stand out from the competitors. There are six key considerations to design a memorable logo that will work across a variety of mediums.

  1. Choosing the right type of logo:

    Think about what kind of logo will be suitable for your business. There are many ideas to choose from like lettermark similar to NASA and IBM logos, wordmark similar to Visa and Google logos, graphic mark like logo of Apple, abstract mark same as Pepsi’s logo, and mascot logo such as Starbucks, etc.

    The type of logo will depend on brand personality and the message it has to convey.
  2. Simplicity:

    Memorable logo designs are simple, as mentioned. They are easy to understand. Consider companies like Google or Apple. Both of them have a simple representation of the logo, which people can easily identify. By seeing the logo, people can easily recognize the brand and think about the company. That’s the essence of a memorable logo, and that is how a logo should be. A simple logo is found appealing by the audience. The design itself conveys the meaning with its simplicity.

    Simple logos work well on various mediums. The reason why a logo becomes complicated is that designers include too much information in it. To ensure that your logo is simple, you should use no more than four words (30 characters), Stick to a few colors, use only one design effect, etc.
  3. Versatility:

    You have to design a versatile logo that looks good on various platforms. It should look good across various channels in which it will appear. These channels include t-shirts, social networking sites, business cards, websites, etc. Irrespective of the size, whether it’s a huge billboard or a tiny business card, your logo should look great no matter where it’s going to be placed.

    You can design your logo in vector format to ensure they can scale to any size. It should be effective in printed format too. You can even design your logo in black and white to ensure that your logo looks good in its simplest form.
  4. Consider your goals:

    It is vital that your logo is an accurate representation of your brand. It should have a meaning that’s distinctive to what you do. Consider logo in the context of your overall industry.
    1. Does the logo indicate what you do or sell?
    2. Does the image of the logo communicate the right thing?
    3. Can it stand among the competition?
    Consider your business goals and what you want to be in the future. If you want to portray yourself as a powerful brand, geometric shapes will work best for you. Serif wordmarks are fit for showcasing yourself as a traditional and respected brand. To portray the fun or cool element in your brand, Illustrations are perfect, and so on.
  5. Colors:

    Colors are an important element of logo design. They can draw users into the design, communicating something about your brand. They appeal to the human senses. There’s a psychology behind the color selection. For example, the Black color symbolizes power and authority, whereas Red color aggression, danger, passion, etc.

    It’s always suggested that you stick to a small palette, including the primary colors. Don’t use more than three colors. Bold colors can help draw users into the logo design.

    Use colors that remain in fashion for a long time to come and make your logo timeless. Too many trendy colors can make the design go outdated within a short span of time. Your logo should even work as a single color element because you won’t be able to use a full-color logo all the time.

    Keep in mind that colors can make or break your brand message, so be very careful in picking colors for your brand. Take the example of McDonald’s, whose logo is identifiable by just looking at the corner of the billboard. This is due to its eye-catching color scheme.
  6. Fonts:

    Similar to colors and other logo design elements, typography is another aspect to consider before you start with the logo design process. Each font has a different mood and nature; denoting a completely different and unique meaning. So, use the fonts after understanding its psychology. You have to make sure that it goes perfectly well with the theme and colors.

    Do not use multiple fonts that belong to a different font family. Otherwise, it will not be able to deliver the message it is supposed to. Avoid unnecessary effects like bold in your logo so that the personality of your fonts isn’t affected. Also, avoid decorative fonts unless you really need them and the fonts that imitate handwriting as they are always difficult to understand. For more clarity, use uppercase if possible.

Winding up

Crafting a memorable logo is not an overnight task. It might take time and various revisions. You need to go through brainstorming and rigorous research before you decide on the elements of your logo. Keep in mind that your logo is meant to be targeted towards a specific audience, therefore, consider their preferences and design a logo that is simple, distinctive, and minimal.

The most memorable logo design is the one that tells viewers something about your brand, so it sticks with them.

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