Understanding the Different Types of Logo Design

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Mar 13,2020

The logo must need to achieve its goal and purpose. The most important goal of the logo is to represent the owner's proposed requirement accurately. The logo is used to identify the owner's proposed message. The article is going to focus on explaining different types of logo designs. It helps to create and pick the best and right logo design. If you are going to make a logo, the first thing that you need to consider is what is the client’s requirement and what marks you are going to use. If you don’t know what’s the mark, then no need to worry about it because we are going to discuss it below.

Hence understanding the different type of Business Cards are also important for the betterment of the logo design. It is stated that having different and unique styles of logo design helps people to identify the brand and helps to enhance your business performance.

We are here going to explain the details about different types and classifications of logo design.

  1. Symbolic:

    Symbolic is known as marks or icons. The main focus of symbolic is on imagery to identify the owner’s requirement. The symbolic logo works great for the established companies, those who are well organized and recognized. You would be able to find different best design logos on cars, clothing, and various other products. Symbolic logos are further divided into letterform and abstract marks.
  2. Logotypes:

    Logotypes are identified as wordmarks. They are categorized by a unique and different type of treatment. They are so unique that they can be able to stand alone without the use of a mark or icon. Logotypes use color, size, style, and it is done to represent the brand’s identity.
  3. Combination Mark:

    A combination mark is used to combine the type and symbol to represent the owner of the brand’s identity. They are known to be so easy as joining a logotype with a symbolic logo. Combination marks are used to focus on the main purpose and goal of the logo. Hence it gives the brand a more focused identity, and the user is given more information about the logo design.

    While choosing the best type of logo, you need to look at your brand, product, company, etc. if you belong to a sports team, you will need to have a logotype and a mark.

    It would be best if you looked at where the logo is going to be used. The most important thing is the goal and the main purpose of the logo. You need to think that is your logo is going to be successful in representing your brand or message? While creating a professional and unique logo, helps the customers to establish a feeling and a connection with the brand’s identity. Hence if people love and found affection on your logo’s identity, then you are successful in succeeding the customer’s mind and your logo is working properly.
  4. Wordmark Logo Design:

    They are known as the best uniquely identified logo’s that perfectly spells out the brand’s name. While using wordmark, custom fonts are created precisely for brands. This helps the people to sue them across their marketing and branding security. For example, Facebook, Sony, etc.
  5. Lettermark Logo Design:

    Lettermark logo design is used to represent the symbol of the company that helps to reflect the brand's first name. many companies wanted to apply the Lettermark logo design because it would be able to illustrate the company better than the full name of the company. Sometimes the full name is hard to pronounce or not enough to carry its weight. Hence some companies prefer using Lettermarks because of their perfect skills of representing the symbol of the brand’s first.
  6. Use of Lettermark and Wordmark Logos:

    You need to go for the Lettermark logo design if you wanted to have a long name. It will be able to help and simplify the design, and the customers would find it easy, recalling your logo templates. If we talk about the wordmark, it is going to be a great decision if you are in new business and wanted to get your name there, you need to make sure that the name should be short enough to look best and customers must find it interesting. It is because sometimes, long names look so chaotic.

    A wordmark log is going to be a great idea if you have a separate and distinct business name that will help the customers to recognize your brand and business perfectly. Hence it looks great if your brand’s name is designed in a brilliant way that attracts the customers to recognize your brand’s design. Furthermore, it is known that Lettermark and wordmark logo is easy to reproduce across marketing material and branding.

    It helps to make the business a newly developing and marketing place with a new different and unique design logo. You must need to remember that you need to be reliable while creating a Lettermark and wordmark. You need to be sure about the details and the design that you are making that helps the people to identify your business and brand easily.


It is stated that different types of logo designs help the brand look perfect and unique. It helps the customers to identify and recognize your brand and business in a perfect way. Having a different logo design will help people to enhance their brand’s performance. It helps to attract the people around to know about their brand and business. Hence logo designs are known to be a great step towards the betterment of the brand’s performance.

Bilal Imtiaz

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