Top 5 Graphic Design Software of 2019

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May 13,2019

Graphics are the first thing that visitors notice in content, creating a long-lasting first impression. It isn’t easy to attract customers easily with graphics now; they are looking for innovative designs. This is where good graphic design tools come into the picture, having capabilities to enhance your designing skills. To help you in your efforts, we will be going through some of the best graphic design software of 2019 to enable you to cut through the competition with your graphics. Many different options are available, each having an array of features. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC:

    Adobe Illustrator CC will help you create and work with vector graphics. It is specially designed for professional designers and artists. It offers a number of tools, menus, and features to create an amazing website, logos, images, and videos. It has built-in design presets and templates, enabling designers to create designs faster. As AutoCAD LT is popular for 2D CAD drawing and documentation, this software is also a variety of designs for various purposes.
    • Some of its benefits include:

      • One-click asset exporting in various formats, sizes, and resolutions.
      • Wide range of features making various kinds of lettering possible.
      • A lot of artboards in canvas to choose multiple for moving and resizing.
      • Prototyping tools to design mockups and share them.
      • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud for easy sharing of projects.
      • Scaling artworks to different sizes including mobile screens by keeping the quality intact.
      • Easy to create logos, icons, typography, complex illustrations, etc.
      • Available for both Windows PC as well as Apple MAC.
      • Excellent touch type feature.
      • Powerful new Puppet Warp feature enabling the transformation of the selected portion of illustrations.
      • Raster image tracing to convert pixelated images into editable vectors.
      • The latest update brings some added functionality including an intelligent Properties panel, text management capabilities, and more.
  • Adobe Photoshop:

    Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and worldwide recognized tool for graphic designing, enabling designers to create elegant designs. It also enables creating mobile apps and beautiful web designs. You can easily edit and enhance pictures, 3D enabled designs, and illustrations.
    • Some of its benefits include:

      • A feature-rich designing tool with 3D elements.
      • Inclusive of video editing tools.
      • Library panel to save your favorite settings of designs, colors, fonts, etc.
      • Easy-to-use tools with built-in templates.
      • Special picture creation and enhancement for photographers.
      • Features to enhance 3D artworks, illustrations, and paintings.
      • Tools to enhance basic photos and totally transform images.
      • Brush smoke smoothing, luminance masking controls, textual-heavy layouts, digital art, brush management, access to lightroom photos, etc.
      • Keyboard shortcuts for Select and Mask that can be customized.
      • The latest update includes options like a camera, a new auto-select tool with added font, and drawing features.
  • Adobe InDesign:

    Adobe InDesign is a useful software for creating, preflighting, and publishing documents across print as well as digital media. It is used widely to design magazines, postures, flyers, brochures, and more. It is also helpful in creating eBooks and interactive PDFs. It is apt for multi-page documents. It is a versatile software known for layouts, album layouts, etc., having good typography capabilities.
    • Some of its benefits include:

      • Content-aware fit to fit the best part of the image when placed inside a frame.
      • Layout adjustment, import PDF documents, new properties panel, visual font browsing, OpenType SVG fonts support, etc.
      • Users can share texts, shapes, colors, and graphics with a facility to access their Creative Cloud Libraries.
      • The software includes features like endnotes, object height and width styles, paragraph orders, PDF accessibility, various style fonts, etc.
      • Users can increase the accessibility and reuse of documents they are exporting in as PDF files.
      • Users can even add tags to footnotes, keyword indexes, anchored text frames, table of content that has a hyperlink, etc.
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018:

    CorelDRAW is a popular software for creating amazing designs, images, graphics, and websites. It is a vector graphics editor supporting Windows OS. It has some productive functions and is user-friendly, giving you full control and delivering dynamic results. The software will help you in creating original illustrations, logos, and signages across both print and the web.
    • Some of its benefits include:

      • It gives you inbuilt organizer Corel CONNECT and tools like Twirl, Smear, Repel, and Attract.
      • It supports apps like Bitstream Font Navigator, Barcode Wizard, Duplexing Wizard.
      • It is easy-to-learn and use with exceptional speed, power, and performance.
      • The software ensures a smooth workflow with PDF/X-4 support and the revolutionary LiveSketch™ that uses AI to change sketching into vector curves.
      • You can create a variety of professional document styles, vector tools, and page layouts, along with having many editing functionalities when giving effects to vector and bitmap images.
      • The software has many intuitive tools, Discovery files, and learning materials to ensure you can start editing images soon.
      • It includes the Block Shadow effect that gives a 3D extruded shadow effect to text and vector objects.
      • It also includes Symmetry drawing mode, allowing users to design faster by mirroring drawn paths and vector objects.
      • The latest features included in the 2018 update are Symmetrical Drawing Mode, Impact tool, PhotoCocktail™, Block Shadow tool, Pointillizer™, etc.
  • Affinity Designer:

    This software has especially been built by Serif for professional graphic designers, handling a variety of design tasks including that of web, art, typography, branding, mockups, pattern designs, print projects, etc. It supports both Windows and Apple Mac. It is a vector-based design program consisting of pixel-based tools like pixel brush and shape tools. It has various vector and text tools as well. You can also read this post by our friends at Pixpa to know more about the best graphic design software for 2020.
    • Some of its benefits include:

      • Real-time effects, gradients, blend modes, and adjustments.
      • Create and save your own custom keyboard shortcuts, your own toolbars and toolbar layouts, and adjust UI tool size, selecting monochrome or colored buttons.
      • The software enables designers to create precise curves, use vibrant colors, tailor live shapes for their vector illustrations, and craft artistic texts for headlines.
      • It has zooming features, flexible guides, advanced grids, etc., and offers asset management features to help designers organize their projects.
      • There’s a versatile grid system that can make designers set up grids as they design icons and video game graphics. They get full control over spacing, subdivisions, angles,     etc. to perfectly create layouts.
      • It has rock-solid pen and node tools, tool and mode switching, live split-screen, expanded strokes, powerful snapping, artboards, canvas rotation, etc.
      • The software has advanced layers and masks, live pixel and outline views, ‘Magic Wand’ selection brush, art and frame text, pro font support, character and paragraph panels, etc.          


Decide which features are important to have in your graphic design software. The software should be such that can help you effectively reach your business goals and elevate your business. Consider the above list of software to make the best decision for your business. By choosing suitable software, you will be able to run your business with a contemporary and interactive design and put across your visual message in front of your audience.

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