6 of the Biggest Logo Design Trends for 2019

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Nov 04,2019

A logo has to be versatile and timeless, easily recognizable, and embodying your brand. A well-designed logo can increase awareness and enhance your marketing and bottom line. A poorly designed logo, on the other hand, can tarnish your brand image.

Are you looking to create a new logo? Whether you want to craft a new logo or are planning to redesign it, understanding shifts in logo design trends can help you to create a logo with a modern touch. We look at six trends that are popular in 2019.

  • Gradients

    Instagram’s logo was the trendsetter in bringing the gradient in fashion. Now everyone around is using a gradient. It has proved a steady graphic trend for the last few years.

    Gradients are generally used to create bold statements, and designers use bright colors to evoke emotions. Using gradients allows designers to enhance the volume and depth of a logo and create enthralling visual effects.

    When choosing gradients color palette, choose colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, rather than selecting colors randomly. Adding unnecessary gradients to the logo will make it look complex and washed out, and it doesn’t translate as well.

    Use gradients in your logo design in a creative way that is relevant to your brand. Use subtle gradients to give your design a stunning look.

  • Negative Space

    The most famous logo for negative spacing is FedEx’s. The innovative arrow hidden between E and X is not only clever, but it is a representative of the business FedEx is into – delivering packages.

    Negative space is a trend that is dominating 2019. It not only makes logos visually interesting but also gives duality and extra depth to the logo design. Using negative space to hide a shape, text, or image can add an element of surprise and sophistication in the logo. The complexity added in the design can elevate a simple design into a memorable logo.

    It’s a powerful technique to get success in the logo design because it can lead to word of mouth as people share their discoveries with each other. If your brand wants to have a logo that is simple as well as complex at the same time, then a negative space is the perfect choice for you.

  • Bright colors

    Picking the right colors can help brands communicate more effectively as colors have a deep impact on the psychology of people. Colors are often used to persuade or influence consumers.

    Vibrant colors are in trend since the use of gradients in logo design. Brands can easily adapt bright colors in their logos. The best thing is, bright colors give a boost to the emotions the logo conveys. Bright red color gives a feeling of power and risk-taking while electric yellow color signifies enthusiasm, adventure, and youthful energy.

  • Semi-flat design

    A few years back flat design was in trend. Now semi-flat or flat 2.0 has continued to be in trend. The subtle shadows and details in flat logo design result in a semi-flat logo that subtly enhances the logo and identity as a whole.

    The reason for the popularity of semi-flat logos is because they look particularly strong online. They add visual interest to the logo. Semi-flat design with subtleties and special design give the logo a stylistic flair, allowing you to take the benefit of color transitions.

    With the semi-flat design, the logo gets a three-dimensional feel that is both simple and alluring. The shadows are soft, large, and sometimes colored, with added subtle depth and dimension.
  • Minimalism

    Minimalism is in trend for a few years now and is here to stay. It makes the logo look simple, clean, effective, and impressive. Minimalist logos are good in small as well as big sizes. Such simplistic logos work perfectly in all kinds of marketing materials and brand designs.

    Designers create artful designs with simple stroke lines to give a minimal look. Minimalist logos translate smoothly on business cards, apparel, websites, etc.

    Complex logos are designed by companies to be unique, but most of the times, simple logos are eye-catching. Not only are minimalist logos practical, but they're purpose-driven too.
  • Geometric shapes

    Geometric logo designs are perfect because logos are meant to convey some meaning and are symbolic, and in geometry, each shape has a meaning. For example, a circle conveys completeness, and square signifies stability.

    Geometric shapes have the ability to simplify a complex figure. Since logos are made both in small and big sizes, they have to be simple for being recognizable and readable. Geometric logo designs can capture the essence of a brand and convey that in a very effective way. When done right, they are an effortless way to express your brand.

    Try incorporating geometric shapes into a minimalist logo to give a modern and sleek look to it that will be recognizable on various mediums.


Logo trends are interesting elements. What is popular is always changing. This creates an inner struggle for designers who are trying to create a logo that’s both contemporary and will withstand time.

To overcome the longevity issues, opt for a design trend that includes some classic styling and is rooted in design theory. Design something that is recognizable and readable to ensure they last for years to come.

It is, however, important to note that you don’t have to update your brand for the sake of trendiness and come up with a logo that doesn’t resonate with your brand or market.

When you’re looking through 2019’s logo design trends, you have to ensure that the trend represents your brand, and can be integrated properly into your existing branding.

Logo design is not an easy thing where a small symbol of the company has to convey its basic message to the target audience. That is why it is important to select the top logo design companies that can help you to design that perfect logo for your brand.

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