Logo Design or Website Design - What you Should Invest in First?

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Nov 18,2019

When starting a business, your main objective is to grab the attention of the consumers. In the current market, there are a lot of competitors, joining your field every day with a new set of offerings. This makes it difficult to establish yourself as a reputed brand in this competitive market.

A well-designed logo and an attractive website both are important to create a brand name. Choosing where to invest in first is a challenging decision. A website provides updated information to the visitors about your business and your products or services. It is from where potential customers collect all necessary information and make a decision to choose you. You can easily announce the launch, add a product description, show offers, add subscribers, etc. through your website. While a well-designed logo ensures the first good impression in front of potential customers about your company. Let’s have a look at the importance of both of them:

  • Website:

    • Having a website helps in getting a wider demographic reach. It transmits your business profile around the world, giving you enhanced exposure and sales.
    • By having a website, you can show the world that you are a credible business. With a website, your customers will consider you credible over the businesses that don’t have a website.
    • You can be available for your customer round-the-clock in terms of access to your products and services. By being accessible 24 hours daily in seven days a week, you get a chance to generate more profits.
    • Through your website, you can increase the convenience of your customers. Being available for them day and night gives them access to your business and increases convenience.
    • To overcome competition, businesses have to make their own website because competitors leverage the benefits of the website to the fullest.
    • Placing your website address on all of your marketing collaterals will enable you to gain additional exposure and encourage the visitors to first check your website for the information they are seeking.
    • You can get new customers due to the reference given by your existing customers of your website.
    • Customers can easily and quickly contact you, give feedback on your products, or ask about the product availability.
    • You can build your reputation as an expert by demonstrating knowledge in your area of work. You can write blog posts and articles on your website that educate consumers and help them understand your business more.
    • Having a website will make promoting your company cheaper than print media like radio, television, or newspaper.
    • You can do SEO of your website to increase its ranking on the search engines for boosting sales and revenues.
    • Instead of visiting your brick and mortar store, customers can directly browse your products and contact you.
    • With analytics, you have access to all the information of the website and can track everything. You get to know how many people visited your website, or how many people contacted you. You get information about the progress of your website.
  • Logo:

    • Logo is the first impression that a brand gives to its potential customers. Customers generally make a decision about choosing a business within a few seconds. The first thing that they see is a logo. A well-designed logo is sufficient to hook a potential customer.
    • Logo plays a major role in giving the brand its identity. It is an iconic pictorial representation of a brand. It is something which people can identify immediately. It helps in creating a cohesive web presence.
    • To promote your business on various forms of media from printed materials to online content, you will need a professional logo. By using various variations of the logo, you can promote your brand on any platform.
    • Having a perfectly-designed logo will encourage customers to trust you to deliver what they are expecting. This will increase customer loyalty, and happy customers are likely to refer your business to their friends and family.
    • The more memorable your logo is, the more there are chances of your brand sticking in the minds of people. This will give longevity to your business. The more eye-catching your logo is, the more you can stand out in the crowd.
    • Through your logo, you can project your personality, making it more attractive in front of the customers.
    • No matter how good your products or services are, if you don’t differentiate yourself, you will never get the success you deserve. A good logo will help you stand out among your competitors.
    • If you take time to develop trust with your logo, brand loyalty is sure to follow. Once people like your business and what you can provide, customers will contact you for your products or services. It will be your logo that they will look out for first.
    • A logo will help you to improve your relationship with your customers. They will see you as a more professional company, and can even start getting attached to you.
    • The more people will be exposed to your logo, the more synonymous the logo will become with your name and brand.
    • You can communicate your brand message through your logo easily. Your logo can even evoke emotions in people.

Wrapping it up

Establishing a solid online presence is easier to do with a unique logo. No matter how creative, attractive, and innovative your website design is, it’s your logo that will make your site stand out among your competitors. It’s your logo that will make consumers your customers. With only a few seconds to catch a person’s interest, an eye-catching and distinctive logo is required to draw them in.

So, before you design a website, you should design a logo because your logo will become a part of your marketing collaterals, including your website.

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Nidhi Dave

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