Know-How To Offer Services As A WooCommerce Products

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May 12,2020

Having proficiency in lots of skills or having expertise in a particular niche but can’t go outside in such a pandemic situation? Or, not able to find the right clients for your services? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explain in detail the step-by-step process of how to tackle this problem in the best possible way.

Selling services online offers a solution to many problems such as you can easily target relevant clients, need just an internet connection and some tools to work with, can track your business progress, manage your online reputation efficiently, display your expertise at a global level, and a lot more.

WooCommerce Products

Let’s start learning a super-easy way to offer services to your clients.

  1. Think About Your Domain Name:

    The very first step you have to go for is to decide a suitable name for your website. You will be known with your Domain name in the online world. This will constitute your web identity and the web address that helps your prospective clients come to your platform to buy your services.

    Points To Remember
    • It should not be complicated to pronounce or spell.
    • It must be short.
    • It must be unique from others.
    • It must be relevant to your niche.
  2. WordPress Hosting:

    In order to create your website, you’ll require a web hosting plan. Since we are creating a website on WordPress, you have to buy a WordPress hosting plan from a web hosting provider. You’ll find many companies in the market who offer web hosting for WordPress. Before purchasing any plan, make sure you have analyzed your requirements and compared all plans. Some web hosting companies are BlueHost, GoDaddy, Cloudways, just to name a few!

    Also, there are many companies that offer both Domain name and WordPress hosting.
  3. Install And Setup WordPress:

    So far you have purchased Domain name and WordPress hosting. Your next step is to install and setup WordPress. After the successful installation of WordPress, you’ll get ready with a basic online platform.

    WooCommerce Products
    Let’s get to know about WordPress in brief!

    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system used by many developers as well as non-coders to create any kind of website with ease. The WordPress CMS is written in PHP language and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It consists of a plugin architecture along with a template or themes system. Using WordPress, you can create simple blogging websites, membership sites, e-learning websites, online stores, and many more.

    It offers more than 50000 plugins and many themes from its own WordPress repository. Moreover, for further customization, you can also use related third-party add-ons inside your WordPress site.
  4. Install And Setup WooCommerce:

    Time to activate e-commerce plugin on your WordPress site to get online store functionalities!

    WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin that allows selling all types of products online. You can sell physical products as well as digital products. Besides, WooCommerce, you can also utilize various extensions and add-ons for WooCommerce provided by Automattic itself as well as by third-parties.
  5. Add Service Selling Functionality:

    WooCommerce offers functionality to sell products online. You can’t offer services to your clients using it. Therefore, your next step is to extend your Woo store by integrating Woo Sell Services plugin with WooCommerce that helps you sell your services just like a product in a professional way.

    WooCommerce Products
    Woo Sell Services is a WooCommerce add-on. Using it, you’ll be able to offer many services to your customers such as web designing, web development, performing SEO, social media marketing, online marketing, installation of WordPress plugins and themes, logo designing, content writing, and many more. 

    Features Of Woo Sell Services Include
    • Creates a new product type “Services”
    • Vendors can add service-related requirements
    • Send real-time email notification to vendors and customers
    • Manage conversation with your customers
    • Order management section for customers and vendors
    • Service review and rating option
    • A Dedicated Service Status Widget
  6. Choose A Right WordPress Theme:

    A website without styling or without a clean or professional look can harm your online reputation. Therefore, you have to improve your website appearance. You will have to choose the WordPress WooCommerce theme to get the best style for your store. This will make your site easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, easy-to-browse products, and services for your customers.

    Pick out the best WooCommerce theme and install the one on your WordPress site.

Final Thoughts

Creating a website on WordPress will give a lot of freedom in terms of expansion and modification in the site. Using the right combination of WordPress plugins and themes, even a non-coder can create his own website like a pro. I hope you got the point!

So, which service you’re going to sell in the market?

Varun Dubey

Varun Dubey is the founder and CEO of WordPress Development Agency WBcom Designs. He has experience of 10+ years of web designing and worked on various freelance platforms like Upwork. Connect with him on LinkedIn.