How to Choose the Best Web Host for Your E-Commerce Site: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dec 07,2020

It’s no need to say that reliable data storage is one of the key factors for high-quality and successful site operation. Unfortunately, not everyone attaches importance to this part of the website structure when launching a new project, and that is why, however, the website owners often raise the question of how to choose the most effective web hosting for boosting the website performance.

As time goes by, the importance of this nuance becomes clear as a day, so it is better to take good care of the choice of hosting in advance and avoid the vast number of issues in the future.

In this article, we will analyze the main principles of choosing a web host and provide you with plenty of additional tips on how to make the best decision.

What Kind of Hosting Does an Online Store Need?

In fact, hosting is not as easy as you think, as there are lots of aspects you have to check before applying any of them to your e-commerce. For instance, website owners usually mind the next points:

  • Security & reliability
  • Constant updating and improving
  • Support providing
  • Rank position boosting
  • Useful features including (one-click operations, Content Delivery Network access, etc)
  • Platform supporting

As you might have already noticed, the host is not only responsible for providing all the necessary services, but also for the security of your website, its ranking, and more. That is why we have prepared the main tips which can greatly help you to choose the most suitable host for your e-commerce site.

Tips for Choosing a Hosting for an E-commerce Project

  • Mind the Database Speed:

    Any of the e-commerce websites greatly depends on the database speed metrics, as a vast number of customers mind the time they need to get any information. If it takes too much time to download every page of your online store, the visitors can surely leave your website without making any purchase, which as a result, can significantly influence the sales revenue and the overall business development.

    For preventing this, your host must provide high-speed services so as not to lose potential clients and turn them into loyal ones.
  • Focus on the Storage Size:

    Needless to mention that the online stores always offer a lot of products for sale, so the storage size of your host is one of the key features you have to pay attention to. Various pictures, catching videos and product descriptions require a huge data storage, so make sure it is available for any big data of yours.
  • Consider the Backups Feature:

    For your convenient e-commerce, managing the backup option is a must-have feature that is useful in case if your changes have suddenly disappeared. With the backup applying, it is easier to get ready for any data loss, as all the changes have been stored in the cloud storage.
  • Note Technical Support:

    When something goes wrong - the tech support is your best helper so to efficiently define the problem and start resolving it. Furthermore, the support team is a crucial feature that separates good hosting from ordinary ones.

Signs of a Good E-commerce Hosting Provider

Having analyzed the tips mentioned before, we can form the next criteria for good hosting service: it should provide a high-rated database speed, a huge storage size, the option of making a backup for the changes made, technical support, etc. additionally, it should load the pages in a while and provide good technical support for any issue that might appear.

Examples of Good Providers for Hosting an Online Store

In fact, most of these features are provided by the best Minecraft server hostings, as all of them provide the core features that can perfectly fit for the e-commerce hosting service. Let’s have a look at some great examples, provided by the Ecommerce guide:

  • Site Ground:

    The excellent ecommerce hosting option is SiteGround, as it provides good server parameters, easy website installation, and is a great WordPress hosting with a low price. The good reputation and high-speed data processing make it one of the best variants for hosting an online store.
  • InMotion:

    Another great hosting that can help you to achieve your overall business goals is InMotion. It provides various options for the e-commerce platforms, applies fast SSD drivers for data storage and processing, and has a professional support team available anytime and anywhere.
  • WPengine:

    If you are looking for an international hosting service with centers in the US, Asia, and Europe, then try WPengine. With 24/7 support service and an optimized WordPress environment, it is the premium tool for your business operating. Besides, it includes various plugins, as well as customization features, for efficient site launching and managing.

Which Hosting Is Definitely Not Right for You?

However, the hosting also has a great influence on the general impression of the audience about your platform. Thus, clients will close the tab if the website is too slow or seems to be insecure. Also, try to avoid hosting which cannot provide good service anytime, as a result causing numerous downtimes. It is recommended to choose a hosting provider who has core expertise in cloud solutions such as Azure and Office 365 along with web hosting. Learn more about Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration and Azure Migration Services.

All these reasons can cause the clients’ loss, which has a direct impact on sales revenue. For a successful platform launching, it is significantly important to avoid the issues described and find the most reliable ecommerce hosting suitable for your business.


To sum up, these criteria can greatly improve your awareness of how to choose the best hosting service for your online store. Before entrusting a certain host to launch your website, make sure it can provide all the options needed for your comfortable platform launching and management, such as storage size, data processing efficiency, support service, and more.

If chosen thoroughly, the hosting can greatly improve your sales income and provide your customers with professional service which makes them come back for a new purchase.

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