Gutenberg Blocks - How To Bring Extra Functionality To Your Gutenberg WordPress Editor

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Jun 19,2020

I think you can admit the amazing flexibility of Gutenberg editor regarding design. However, many blocks are still not available in this release of the Block Editor. Though the missing components might get added in upcoming updates, users won’t wait to add the basic block required for their websites. Thanks to the WordPress development companies who have launched Gutenberg block addons. Particularly, plugins like ZeGuten can take the designing of content to a whole new level.

ZeGuten blocks plugin: the way to build engaging content

ZeGuten is a top-notch WordPress plugin that is aimed at building engaging content. It includes 15 fully-responsive blocks that allow you to enrich the website with more features. The plugin regularly receives the updates and the quantity of blocks grows every month.

Collection of blocks for Gutenberg

The most important characteristics of ZeGuten are that this add-on doesn’t require code lines, it is clear and understandable for everyone, and it includes a lot of properties and settings for each block. You can attune the blocks in accordance with different screen resolutions and make the elements look attractive on every device.

ZeGuten is compliant with the newest WordPress versions and its native Gutenberg editor. So using ZeGuten collection you can build the content on every WordPress installation and combine ZeGuten blocks with native Gutenberg blocks.

Organize your posts in different ways

ZeGuten has a lot of tools to arrange and display your posts. In its collection, you will find such blocks as posts, carousels, and sections. Moreover, there are several premade layouts that can organize your posts in attractive grids, masonries, lists, chess, and carousels.

Optimize Post

Using Posts block you can choose the number of items to show and the number of columns. Decide how many words will be in the post excerpt and which meta to display. Hide or show posts tag, author, date, and comment count. Improve the typography settings and change the background scheme to make the posts look according to your needs.

Carousel block allows demonstrating posts one by one. You can enable autoplay and the speed for this option. Choose the number of items to show and scroll. You can use dots and arrows as additional elements.

Section block is very useful and has special features that many users will like. For example, you can set four different background types. Gradient, color, image, and video. You can also add custom shapes and combine them with your background.

Introduce your services

ZeGuten will be a great assistant in building the content for your project. You can successfully introduce your services with the help of such blocks as a pricing table, icon list, and subscribe.

Introduce your services

The pricing table block consists of five parts. Each of these parts can be customized separately. You can change the header, price, features, actions, and footer content. Choose the color for text and background, set borders, use tooltips if there is a need.

Create attractive listings with services descriptions and accompany them with icons from the wide built-in collection. Check how your items look at the various screens, such as desktop, tablet, or mobile. You can add links to the icons and make the URL open in the New Tab.

With the Subscribe block, you are able to add subscribe forms to the pages. Find there a lot of settings to attune the form according to your needs. You can change the success and error messages texts, and many more elements. Using e-mail marketing you will gain more regular customers or followers.

Use advertising blocks for promotion

Animated box, blurbs, and banners are great tools in creating advertising content. With their help, you can inform users about sales, hot offers, and other announcements and draw the client’s attention. You can choose attractive animated effects of these blocks or use pre-made layouts.

Advertising blocks for promotion

The Animated box is the block that consists of front and back sides. You can attune each of these sides separately using their own settings. Icons, paragraphs, titles, background types, animated effects, and many more. Check all possibilities of this block.

Draw the attention of the website visitors by placing a blurb block on the page. It gives you an ability to put the icon inside, enter title and subtitle. Set the background and its position to make it look better. You can match default, fixed, or scroll attachment and add the overlay.

Create your own banner with a banner block to inform customers of the most exciting events of your company. You can choose from several animated effects and decide which one layout will look better with your content. The block lets you add buttons and link them, align, and customize lots of features from typography to hover settings.

Add infographics to your pages

Sometimes it is better to accompany the text with infographics. It dilutes the paragraphs with visuality and helps people better understand the information. Show the progress of your project and the success with the help of progress bar or circle progress and tell about upcoming events with a countdown timer.

Add infographics to your pages

Circle progress and Progress bar blocks are similar to each other. They both help you display the progress. You can set the value of these blocks, change the suffix that may be shown not only in percent but also in other units. Aligning the position of the value, setting color or gradient for the bar, and improving the typography are also available.

Apparently the countdown timer block was developed to help launch countdown to significant dates and important events. The running out time will increase the feeling of necessity to visit this event. Raise the value of meeting and make users not to miss it.

Enrich the website with more blocks

There are also many different blocks such as image comparison, headings, advanced map in ZeGuten collection. You will receive one more new block every month. ZeGuten provides you with a modern and attractive way of content building. Forget about coding and difficult processes and make this step pleasant and enjoyable.

Enrich the website with more blocks

The plugin is well-documented, so be sure that you will receive a detailed explanation of all its features. Furthermore, the friendly support team is always ready to ask on every question connected to working with ZeGuten. So be sure that there won’t be a problem to work with the add-on.

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