Give an Edge to Your Business Persona with Square Business Card

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Sep 04,2017

Among the inevitable tools that are found in business marketing is business cards. Each and every day, entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, and even job-seekers hand out business cards to their associates, strangers, and potential customers. Amidst all this exchange, it is very necessary to possess a business card that stands out from the crowd, one that instantly strikes in the minds of the people when placed on their palms. After all, nobody would like to make a first impression by handing out a drab and a dull card.


This is where the square business card design makes a grand entrance. These business cards have successfully manufactured the vivid imagination of entrepreneurs, executives, and everyone else who requires a business card. These custom business cards suit all business types, to add to this, these cards can easily fit into regular business card holders and can be stored in a very easy manner.


Design & Printing Options for Square Business Card


With these personalized business cards, you get the following options when it comes to designing and printing:

  • A rounded corner gives a delicate and elegant look to the card

  • Both glossy and matte finish looks good on these type of cards

  • Make use of environment-friendly materials for creating a good impression on your customers and prospective clients

  • You can also use plastic to make it unique

  • You can also put any photo on the card if you want.


It is very important that you get your square business card designed by some of the best card designing companies. Pick out the colors that reflect your brand’s image and impression in the best possible way. It would be best if you could get your business card designed in the same color as your brand’s logo; this will make it easy for the people to connect both your logo and the business card. Whilst many people mostly go for fancy fonts, it is advised to stick to basic fonts to give a simple yet sophisticated look to your card.


Benefits of Square Personalized Business Cards


Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of the square business card:


1. Exceptional Looks

Square business cards have more graphic options that are way cooler than the traditional cards and also look more sophisticated. Since they consume less amount of space, they look more professional and stylish. Moreover, they look more attractive than other business card designs.


2. Easily Customizable

Custom business cards can be easily customized as per the needs of the user. Even though they have somewhat less space in comparison to the rectangular card, they can still encompass the entire information of your brand’s marketing and the business stickers as well.


3. More Reliable

The business card design looks a bit similar to letterheads, but these cards are a little smaller. These cards convey great ideas to potential customers and can be placed well with other office documents like brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.


4. More Designs

Square business cards offer great flexibility when it comes to the aspect of design. Therefore, they end up in fitting all the needs of a business card. They can be made unique and more colorful and can be printed online. They are more attractive and have more shelf-value than rectangular cards.


5. Robust Printing Options

These custom square business cards offer more printing options as compared to rectangular cards. Since they are square, they can be easily be printed in any style. They can end up looking more stylish even if they have a photo on it.


If you are looking forward to getting your personalized business cards designed, then we are the best destination. We at ProDesigns ensure that you have the most attractive square business cards that not only give an edge to your brand but also give new recognition to your brand within your existing customer base. Get ready to give the best impression to your clientele by handing out some of the most stylish business cards.

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