Creating a Custom Neon Logo Design for your Brand

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Jul 17,2017

Are you looking for a blazing alternative that loudly proclaims the presence of your brand or company in the marketplace? The custom neon logo design will give your corporate identity and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Capitalizing on the Neon Trend in Corporate Identity: Tips for Neon Logo Design

A custom neon logo design can paint your company in bright lights. It is an effective design for attracting a lot of attention, no one can resist looking at the bright colors of a neon sign. Your logo can have the same effect in a digital space as well.

Using neon logo design on all of your website and digital design is a great way to proudly claim your space in the virtual world. Here are some tips for creating your own custom neon logo design.

#1 Get Loud with your Neon Logo Design

Using neon in your logo design grabs your attention and keeps it there. When your neon design is featured against a dark background, the results can be even more impressive. Take a cue from the Instagram logo design change of 2016. The logo is bright and impressive, while pressed against a darker background to amplify the logos visual effect and make it really pop.

#2 Create Mesmerizing Gradients

Gradients are completely unique, just like your brand. Using a gradient in your neon logo design will give your brand an authentic edge in its design element. Experiment with colors and shift them into gradients that you think will attract eyeballs.

#3 Touching up with Analog

Virtual neon designs can sometimes look to computer-generated, reducing their visual effect. By including analog elements in your design you can add an authentic feel to the design that feels human. A swipe of a brush or a hand-drawn line is all it takes to enhance the design with an analog effect.


neon logo design


#4 Focus on Legibility

One of the key components of a neon logo design is its legibility. If your target market and clients cannot read your design, then it serves you no purpose. Since neon colors are bright and brilliant, it’s easy to let the use of color become visually overwhelming. Bounce your design off of a few professionals to get their opinion before you finalize any design work.

#5 Consider Color Carefully

Color contrast is another essential design point to consider when creating a neon logo design. The correct use of color and contrast can effectively communicate the values of your brand to your target market. Another important feature of color is the way it looks when printed. Make sure that you experiment with printed versions as well as virtual designs of your logo.

#6 Avoid Clashing Color Tones

Be selective with your color tones and avoid any clashing that could be distracting from the logo design. Clashing color tones can take a beautiful design and make it look confusing. However, if you get the right blend of neon colors, the resultant effect can be beautiful brilliance.

Your Brand’s Name in Bright Virtual Lights

Neon designs can be extremely rewarding for the designer and the client when they come together in an idea that works. The chance to work with brilliant color gradients and colors opens a new gateway to unexplored design territory.

Choose a neon logo design to give yourself a competitive edge that separates you from the competition.

Nidhi Dave

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