A low-cost logo VS a high-end logo: what will definitely make you a leader

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Apr 16,2020

A logo is an integral part of every brand. This is a kind of identifier that distinguishes one company from another. The success of your company will depend on its quality. Some novice entrepreneurs are puzzled by the issue of creating a logo. They do not understand how the same type of service can be valued at several dollars or cost millions.

Hence the temptation to save, purchase services cheaper and invest more in your business. But did you know that a logo is also an investment in a brand, in its future? In this article, we will dispel your doubts and explain why successful companies create unique logos.

  • Development:

    A logo is what your brand will be associated with. This is a key point of contact that potential customers and partners will see first. It is by looking at it that everyone will build an impression of your company. Therefore, it is extremely important that the logo is of high quality, meets the brand concept, and does not go against it.

    The logo is able to positively affect sales and solve business goals. It forms a positive image and inspires trust, and as a result, it positively affects the development of the company as a whole. According to the study, 92.6% of respondents admit that in the acquisition process they pay most attention to the visual component. A product starts with a logo and it's up to you how consumers perceive it.

  • Right message:

    Perhaps this will seem something unusual for someone, but the logo immediately speaks of what constitutes a business. Rest assured, you will not be able to sell expensive products with a cheap logo. People with a high level of income, distinguish companies that invest a sufficient amount of money in marketing from those who save on this.

    In the subconscious, this is delayed as follows. If you save on the logo, perhaps you are doing the same with the product. And who wants to give a round sum for goods or services and experiment on themselves. An audience with high purchasing power is willing to pay more if it is confident that it will receive premium service and status.

    Of course, the design is a relative thing and it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish a product for $ 500 from $ 5,000,000. But rest assured, the $ 5 logo will be noticed right away. Studies have shown that 83% of consumers recommend companies that they trust themselves. At the same time, 82% continue to use the brand on a regular basis. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must immediately make the right impression.

    Low Cost Logo
  • Knowledge and recognition:

    A quality logo is nothing more than an investment in a business. It is better remembered and creates the right associations. It makes it possible to quickly and effectively settle in the minds of consumers. Therefore, when a person has a need, he will remember exactly about you. The inverse effect creates a poorly manufactured design.

    You can have a very useful product that meets the needs of customers in a quality manner. However, if your common ground is weak, it will be extremely difficult to succeed. Make sure you are recognized because according to 74% of consumers, word-of-mouth marketing is the key to buying decisions.
  • Legal defense:

    The global counterfeiting industry is projected to reach $ 4.2 trillion by 2022. If you think about it, if it were a country, then you would have taken a leading position in terms of economic indicators. Counterfeiting brands is so common that brand registration is the only way to protect a business.

    Turning to a highly qualified specialist or to a reliable company, you get a logo a class higher. This means that the designer will create the product from scratch. It will fully meet the concept of your brand and will be unique. Which means it is protected by copyright.

    In order to maximize the security of your brand, you can apply for a trademark. Logo design services or very cheap designer services cannot guarantee this. Therefore, design elements can often be found on the Internet, and this adversely affects recognition and does not provide any protection.

    If the logo is not unique, another company can copy it and you can’t do anything about it. After all, copyright and trademark do not apply to logos that are created on the basis of other people's works.

    High-End Logo
  • Efficiency for various media:

    Modern marketing involves a huge number of different platforms. Each of them has its own format and requirements. To ensure effective representation, companies need to have different logo options. For horizontal, vertical, rectangular, and square planes.

    Turning to a highly qualified specialist, you get ready-made solutions. He will take into account all these nuances and create variations for all occasions. As a result of cooperation, you will receive an adaptive set of logos that will look equally and readable everywhere.


There are many ways to get a logo. You can do it yourself, generate it on special service, contact a novice freelancer, or resort to the services of a highly qualified specialist. At the same time, you should understand that the lower the budget, the more likely the quality will be lower. If you plan to achieve heights in your business and want to make it successful, then you need to immediately take care of developing a quality design. Indeed, the creation of a recognizable logo can help in the development and take the business to the bottom.

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