7 Essential Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

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Jun 03,2019

Graphic design is a vital component of sales and marketing. It involves creating designs that can fascinate and attract customers. That’s where the role of a graphic designer comes into the picture whose work is to translate your brand message into images to allure customers to choose your products and services over your competitors. Graphic designers will help you to achieve your business goals and leave a long-lasting mark on the minds of the customers.

Finding expert graphic designer for your business is a difficult task. There are a few qualities that you should look for aside from the talent, to ensure they will be effective in their role.

  1. Curiosity:

    A graphic designer has to be curious to know and learn new things. There’s always something new to learn in graphic designing. To become an expert in this profession, designers should be able to look beyond the surface of things. They should be motivated to try out new things; things that haven’t been tried earlier. They should ask questions in curiosity and discover new aspects of designing. Having curiosity will make designers proficient in various styles and approaches, making them do what other designers haven’t.

    Designers who are curious get interested in new trends and technologies and enjoy pushing their limits. If designers stay stagnant and don’t evolve with changing time, their development will stop. Curiosity will drive the willingness to continuously learn and take risks, along with being flexible. 
  2. Communication:

    The best graphic designers are those who are able to convey the message of a brand effectively through their images, text, shapes, colors, lines, etc. The design cohesive should be able to deliver the message that you wish to impart loud and clear.

    It’s not only about the design, but a great graphic designer should be able to communicate fluently. He/she should be able to interact with the clients properly, collaborate with the team, and his/her points should be well-articulated. Excellent interaction is important to keep the whole team in the loop along with the managers and unlock new ideas to succeed.

    Designers, therefore, have to have good communication skills to present, charm, and negotiate for your work. They have to close deals and give clients updates about the project, building strong relationships with them. By having great communication, designers can ask insightful questions and offer thoughtful solutions. 
  3. Creativity:

    Designers should have a knack for design and innate creativity to craft wonderful designs. Good graphic designers are creative and love involving themselves in creative activities. When they are assigned a concept for the clients, they use their creativity and various sources to derive more inputs. They don’t need others’ work to motivate them; they have their own creative imagination. They use colors, contrast, brightness, shadows, scale, etc. to make alluring designs that are appealing to people. They are creative enough for working with all kinds of elements to design remarkable graphics.

    Their ideas for design are infinite. They consider factors like who they are representing, the likes and dislikes of their audience, what message is to be conveyed, on what mediums the designs are to be used, the budget, etc. and use their creativity based on that to come out with designs that meet all the requirements. 
  4. Ability to take criticism:

    A graphic designer has to go through criticisms. Design is subjective. What is attractive for one person may not be for another. It totally depends on who is seeing it, and everyone has a different point of view. So, designers are aware of the subjectivity and work hard, keeping in mind that they can’t make everyone happy.

    A good graphic designer is one who accepts the feedback of seniors and clients and makes revisions in the design based on that. This shows maturity and that the designer is accepting. Good designers never take criticism about the design personally. They think best about the client and brand. They are open to suggestions to make the design better. They take suggestions to enhance their skills, for growth, and to become an expert in their field. They take others’ opinions positively.

    Even if they would have poured their heart into the design, it may get negative feedback. It is important that designers accept criticisms and not become defensive and give lame excuses. The ability to take criticism is, therefore, one of the most essential skills a designer must-have. 
  5. Looking for inspiration:

    Good graphic designers prefer to stay abreast with the latest graphic design trends. They constantly look at different websites for design inspirations to get exposed to what’s going on in the industry. They are aware of what is being talked about in the design world.

    They use these inspirations to implement new things and improvise their work. A true professional graphic designer is the one who incorporates things that are learned.

    Good designers learn new techniques and push themselves beyond the limit. They learn new tricks and make sure they don’t fall behind, gaining knowledge every single day. 
  6. Passion:

    Designers can’t be in the industry if they aren’t passionate about what they do. Even if they have the abilities needed, they won’t be successful until they don’t have the enthusiasm to do it.

    There are long working hours, time-consuming revisions, workload, etc. that can reduce the enthusiasm of graphic designers. Passion is what can keep them going when they are exhausted and manage time.

    No designer can achieve success all the time, no matter how talented he/she is. During difficult times it is the passion that can fuel them back into action. Passion is about going through the worst phase, willing to get through it, and standing back irrespective of all the odds, knowing something great awaits. 
  7. Open-mindedness:

    Great graphic designers are those that are unbiased and comfortable taking advice from other sources if they aren’t experienced and whenever required. They aren’t egoistic and constantly open to suggestions. They try to learn new things from every source they can.

    They don’t stick to their preferences, perceptions, and beliefs when it comes to design. They don’t believe in limiting their design approach to what they currently know but always try doing something new and different. They exactly know that they are not the only creative people around.


Winding up

Hiring the best graphic designers will smoothen your teamwork. They don’t only require technical skills and fundamental expertise but the above-mentioned qualities as well to become successful. It is, therefore, vital for you to evaluate graphic designers properly before hiring them.

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