6 Product Label Design Tips by Experts

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Aug 07,2017

Are you looking for tips on creating product labels that your target market loves? Here are 6 tips to help you create a label that catches your customer's eye.


1. Can you Read it?

The most important element of product label design is the legibility of the label. If your customer can't read it, they won’t bother trying to. Make sure you select fonts and typefaces that can be easily read and identified.

Keep your message simple and short, with typeface font at a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 in size. Your font should also have good contrast with your background colors. Bright colors are proven to catch people's attention and influence their buying decision.

2. Less is More

Space is at a premium on your product label. Clear and concise copy that is design-optimized is a critical component of the final visual effect. Your label does have a few vital points that are universal across all product categories.

  • Product name
  • Your brand’s logo
  • A short description or slogan
  • Your product story
  • Ingredients

simplicity - less is more

If you find that you need to share more information with your customer, save it for the packaging. Keep your product label as clean and clear as possible.


3. Typographic Pairing

Typographic pairing is important when you consider the limited space on a product label. Typographic pairing is used to create a visual contact point of reference in your product label design that assists the viewer in distinguishing the information.

Since label design includes little information and space, combining type, typographic pairing, is also important. It creates continuity between the images and information of the label.

4. Illustrate, Decorate & The Importance of Whitespace

Illustrations can say a thousand words. Creative illustrative or decorative components allow you to enhance the visual impact of your product label design. Whitespace is another often overlooked design component that can be used to create space in a product label. If you are low on free space, throw in a white background to create an open and calming feel to your -product label design.

5. Your Label in the Real World

Things can look great on a screen, but you won't know the real effect until you see your label printed and presented on your product. Remember to take into account the color, texture, and materials used in your packaging. These design factors along with the size of the packaging are critical components in deciding on the size and design components of your product label. Your label design and sizing should enhance both the label design and the container or packaging.


6. Working with the Best Product Label Design Specialists

Your product label is a touchstone between your brand and your target market. To create an effective custom product label design that works, you need to work with a qualified team that understands your design needs.

Your product label designers should all be well established in marketing and design. Your designers need extensive knowledge of product label strategy and design. Real product label experts are a minimal expense when compared to the sales lost due to a poor product label design. Leverage the experience and skills of a design team that has the industry knowledge you need to design a product label that works.


The Final words on Product Label Design

Don’t do it yourself. Your product label is too important a design project for you not to consult professional assistance. Take your time and create a design that tests well with both your target market and your own artistic vision for your product range.

Nidhi Dave

Nidhi is working as a content and brand strategist at ProDesigns - a graphic design company, recommending strategies to meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience. She provides content leadership, ensuring that a consistent brand message is delivered to the audience.