5 Watercolor Design Trends for your Brands Logo

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Aug 24,2017

Watercolor logo design is the hottest new art trend in creating your company or brand’s corporate identity. Using watercolor logo design is a colorful and creative way to express the nature of your brand or company to your market niche.

Watercolor logo design can be used to create textures and colors that make every design completely unique. Capture the vibrancy and energy of your brand or company with a watercolor logo design. Here are some ideas for creating a watercolor logo design that looks great!


1. Artistic Expression in your Corporate Identity

Put your brand’s inner artist on display with a watercolor logo design. Watercolors can give a unique impression to your corporate identity that feels genuine and authentic to your target market.

This sort of design may not work for every brand or logo, but it still is incredibly versatile among some of the world’s top corporations and brands to represent their corporate image in the marketplace. Some of the brands and companies you may recognize that use watercolor logo design in their corporate identity are;

  • Prada
  • Dior
  • The Tour De France
  • Apple


You can use watercolor logo design in a wide variety of industries. Here are some niches that can benefit from a watercolor logo design.

  • Fashion designers
  • Bloggers
  • Interior designers
  • Organic food retailers
  • Sports labels and brands


2. Keep Colours Bright & Light

Layering light watercolors on light backgrounds can give an impression of an open and airy logo that gives your target market an inviting impression.

A minimalistic approach to layering colors, sticking to two or three choices catches attention and reduces confusion. Overlapping light colors can be used to create a visual 3D effect with a simple perspective.


3. Wonderfully Whimsical Watercolors

Watercolors have been known to be associated with whimsical, friendly, light-hearted feelings. Use this to your brand’s advantage to take on design ideas, such as brushstrokes and animations that include subtle watercolors. Keep your colors and designs simple for maximum effect.


4. Bring your Fonts some Life with Watercolors

Watercolors have a dramatic coloring effect and make for a wonderful addition to creative fonts or typefaces. Lighter colors used in fonts will be effective in thinner typefaces or fonts. Darker, richer colors such as gold and black suit larger, wider typefaces.

Lighter font colors will work well for industries that are looking to present a hygienic, clean approach such as medicine and medical care. Light colors also have used in other industries such as food production and distribution.


5. Be as Creative as you Can

Watercolors allow you to unlock the creative potential of your brand and present it to your target market. Watercolors can be associated with colorful creativity, we all have picked up a set of watercolor paints in the past. Create your own designs with a set of watercolors and send them to your designers with you design brief.


watercolor be as creative as you can

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