25 Illustrative Beer Logos for Inspiration

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Mar 06,2020

One of the most intriguing aspects of breweries, bars, pubs, and the like is the wide variety of beer logos frequently on display! If you’re anything like me, you often use the look of the logo as a tell-tale sign as to whether you will like the beer or not — or at least, whether you want to try it.

Yes, it’s a serious case of judging a book by its cover, but it’s true!

Beer logos tell us a lot about what to expect from the beverage, as well as about the company behind the brew.

Depending on the style of logo and the specific components of it, beer logos can illustrate qualities such as:

  • Sense of humor
  • Environmentalism
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Community spirit

And all of these are commonly sought after when it comes to the importance of logo design. So if you’re looking to create a memorable logo for your brand - brew, brewery, pub, or restaurant - you’ll be fascinated to see what types of logos are out there and what you can learn from them.

Without further ado, here are 25 different illustrative beer logos in a variety of styles for your inspiration!

  • Vintage-Inspired Beer Logos:

    A vintage feel to a logo is one of my favorite things, and I’m definitely drawn to a beer which sports a classic label. Vintage and vintage-inspired logos combine classic elements like banners and “medallions” to promote a celebratory, prize-winning feel.


Blue Moon Beer Logo

Blue Moon via Famous Logos

This logo is deceptively simple, with an uncomplicated color palette and easy to read font, but it also uses a wrap-around banner to give it a distinctly vintage feel.


Guiness Logo

Guinness via Famous Logos

Perhaps one of the most immediately recognizable beer logos in existence, the Guinness harp is a classic, vintage-inspired old-world-feel graphic logo.


Beer Craft

Beer Craft via LogoPond

This vintage-feel logo combines classic block type with monochromatic elements and a banner background.


Barq’s Root Beer

Barq’s Root Beer via Wikipedia

This may be cheating a little, since Barq’s is a root beer rather than a classic beer, but this is honestly one of my favorite vintage logos.


Emu Bitter Logo

Emu Bitter via Famous Logos

A fun logo that also uses classic elements, Emu Bitter is known for its letterpress-style graphics and use of a banner.

  • Fun Beer Logos:

    A good beer is epitomized by the idea of a fun time out with friends. There’s nothing quite like a company that keeps a sense of humor about itself, and a logo is a great place to show that off!


Fish Tale Ales Logo

Fish Tale Ales via Famous Logos

One of my favorite things about this logo is how it combines the fun, illustrative graphic with a great, punny tagline.


Not Your Father's Root Logo

Not Your Father’s Root Beer via notyourfathers.com

This is a typography-based logo that also communicates the company’s sense of humor about its products loud and clear.


Scrappy Punk

Scrappy Punk via Design Rush

This logo turns the hipster up to 11. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was hilarious.


Hair of The Dog Brewing Logo

Hair of The Dog Brewing Company via Cool Material

This logo uses a fun, old-school line drawing of a dog, and changes the hat he wears for each different beer.

  • Iconic Beer Logos:

    An iconic logo isn’t, strictly speaking, a “famous” logo, but rather one which uses an icon or graphic in the design. Beer logos lend themselves to beer-inspired graphics, like bottles, mugs, steins, and wheat or hops illustrations. Here are some of my favorites for inspiration.


Maine Beer Company Logo

Maine Beer Company via Cool Material

This ultra-simple line drawing logo uses a sprig of barley as it's centering graphic. Because of its simplicity, it’s a great example of how negative space logo can be used to draw the eye.


Little Beast Brewing Logo

Little Beast Brewing Co. via Cool Material

This uniquely designed, heavy-weight line design uses a wineglass — although it is a brewery — inside the mouth of a lion as its center graphic.


Mythos Logo

Mythos via Famous Logos

This logo uses both a center point of a unicorn graphic, along with a more traditional design elements of a “hop” wreath.


Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Logo

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse via Crafbeer.com

This vintage-inspired brewery logo uses a classic eagle outline, which is holding two full beer steins clutched in its talons.


Boddington’s Logo

Boddington’s via Famous Logos

Boddington’s famous beer comes along with Bodding’s famous logo, which uses an iconic approach: a beer barrel and two bees. Say that ten times fast, especially after you’ve just had a pint of this brew!

  • Typographic Beer Logos:

    Typography-based logos are a great way to combine the name of the brewery or beer and the graphic presentation of the logo. These are often combined with other elements to create a truly standout logo. Whether the company opts for a traditional, already existing font or something created specifically for the label, typographic logos are a designer’s dream.


Foster's Logo

Foster’s Lager via Famous Logos

Foster’s, possibly the most famous Australian brewery known worldwide, sticks to a very simple typographic logo designed near the inception of the company itself. Sometimes used in conjunction with the full name of the brewery, the logo is a three-color palette using the initial letter, F, as a focal point, on a blue background surrounded by a yellow oval.


Hoegaarden Logo

Hoegaarden via Famous Logos

Hoegaarden uses a logo that simply presents its name: no more, no less. It uses a unique but easy to read font with a blue outline.


SouthNorte Beer Logo

SouthNorte Beer Co. via Design Rush

This typographic logo does more than just tell you the name of the company. It plays with shape and forced perspective to give the logo almost a 3D effect.


Genny Cream Ale Logo

Genny Cream Ale via Oh Beautiful Beer

One of the most famous beers out of New York, this brewing company uses a unique, almost iconic approach to its font-based logo, with a swirly G at the beginning standing out.

  • Simple Beer Logos:

    Simple, elegant, and effective logos are always in demand. A simple logo is often a wise choice simply (see what I did there?) because they hold up over time, rather than using stylistic choices that may come and go and eventually feel dated. Simple is always on-trend.


Bass Ale Logo

Bass Ale via Famous Logos

The Bass Ale logo uses a restricted color palette (red and white) and a simple iconic triangle above a script font. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!


Victoria Bitter Logo

Victoria Bitter via Famous Logos

Following along the same lines as Foster’s Ales, mentioned above, Victoria Bitter is a classic simple typographic logo, using a restricted — but interesting — color palette, rounded square shaping, and the name of the company.


Heineken Logo

Heineken via Famous Logos

Instantly recognizable, the Heineken star is, well, the star of this logo. The simple red shape, combined with the green font for the brewer’s name, is well known around the world.

  • Unique Beer Logos:

    Whatever your niche, whatever your product, you definitely want to send a message of uniqueness. And your logo design can do just that. Just take a look at these famous logos and how they’ve put the “special” into “special brew”!


Flying Dog

Flying Dog via Design Rush

An edgy, spiky, grungy design, Flying Dog’s logo definitely stands out from the rest of the pack.


Bokkereyder Logo

Bokkereyder via Cool Material

I love the stark black and white and hand-drawn look of this truly unique logo.


Surly Brewing Logo

Surly Brewing Co via Cool Material

This fun, really unique take on how beer tends to affect us is an interesting choice of a logo for this quirky brewery.


Magic Hat Logo

Magic Hat Brewing Company via Design Rush

This is an evocative logo that really gives you the feeling that there might be a magic trick about to happen.

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