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    Hi Precious Theme, I really love this awesome blog theme you have provided. Sincerely Blog Zone made me change the complete layout of my blog and the feedback I after this got was awesome. Everyone just love it. That is why I decided not to remove the footer link as a way of appreciating your work. Thank you.

    Recently, I have the image widget place in the aforementioned positions but they are not showing in these areas.

    It works fine on my pc but same cannot be replicated on another pc or even in incorgnito of my browser.

    Could it be the image widget or the theme? But I doubt it is the image widget because I removed an image before I place this new one.

    My website is

    I will appreciate your quick response

    Thank you.



    Hi @ademike,

    Thanks for nice compliment.

    Regarding image advert, we cannot see image widget code on header area and content as well. Please add image widget and send us screenshot so that we can debug actual issue.

    If you need to share image private, you can use our contact page.

    Thank you.



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    awesome bro….. love it.

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    Try to make answer on your question on youtube. There are so many video about it and usually they have thousands of views. I think they buy some views from here, but the video really helps with this problem



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    This is easy problem. You can go on tiktok and look for a video how to fix it. I think there are many of such video with many likes. I have read from here how they have so many likes

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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