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    I’m trying to create a web page with sections like in your demo, but the instructions are not very clear. I’m trying to set up the “Services” widget, but these questions probably apply to all of the widgets:

    Section ID: Is this just an ID that we make up, or do we need to enter an ID in a certain format?

    What is “Excerpt Length”?

    I’m trying to create an icon with text below it.



    Hi @jtsaidc

    Section ID: This is id of the widget you use. You can use any word as id. But we recommend you to use relevant words. Like for services it can be services, our-services, service, etc.

    Excerpt Length: It is the option to control description of services item. Suppose you gave 20 on this option, then 20 words will be visible on services list. If your description has more than 20 words … will be appended after 20th words and other text will be cutoff.

    For icon you need to use class of font-awesome. For example: If you want to use icon of apple logo, you need to use fa-apple. You can find it here: http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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