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    Thanks for the good job you are doing there.

    ISSUE 1

    After installing the Business Point theme, I noticed there was “HOME” and “SAMPLE PAGE” navigation links. I was able to delete the SAMPLE PAGE but did everything to remove the “HOME” without success. I moved on to customise the Home Page by going to pages, the Reading to select HOME, after this, I noticed the HOME navigation link became two. I tried to delete from menu but customised my Home Page went off. I tried to remove it from All Pages, but my customised Home Page still went off again. What do I do?

    ISSUE 2
    Is it that Business Point theme can not take more than 5 pages? I had 5 pages already, the moment I created another page which is “contact”, one page or say one nagivation link disappeared. How do I solve it?

    Thanks for your anticipated quick response.



    Hi @ceobaba78

    Both your issues are related with menu.

    You can create menu and assign it to Primary menu to solve your issue.

    You can find theme documentation at https://promenadethemes.com/documentation/business-point/#Menus


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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