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    I added custom code to the “used inventory” page :

    [product_category category=”used-inventory” columns=”5″ orderby=”title” category_results=”35″]

    But not all of the products are showing on the page. The products have the correct category selected.



    Hello jhowardlong45!
    The shortcode [product_category] can be updated to display all the results with the ‘limit’ and ‘paginate’ arguments.

    Try this [product_category category="YOUR-CATEGORY" limit="12" paginate="true"].
    This should solve the issue.

    If you would like to display all products and no pagination then simply skip adding ‘paginate'(defaults to false) and set ‘limit’ to -1, like below:
    [product_category category="YOUR-CATEGORY" limit="-1"].

    Hope this helps!

    The shortcode [product_category] is part of the WooCommerce plugin and the WooCommerce forum would be the best place to get the queries sorted. You could also check out WooCommerce Docs

    If you do have queries related to our themes or integration related to our themes, please feel free to post it here, we would be glad to help!

    Thank you for using our theme!


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    William Khanna

    May apologies if this has been solved elsewhere, but I’ve been unable to track down an answer.
    For some reason, not all products in our shop categories show up on category pages. For example, as you can see, the link shows 9 products in the Bearings category, whereas the Category view from the admin panel

    (, and the product export file ( both show 30 items. Taking one of the missing ones as an example, SKU 6502, if you search for it, it comes up, & shows bearings as its category (; looking at visibility etc, all seems OK (

    This is happening in all categories; I have tried deactivating any product search plugins, and looking for any common elements in missing products – no joy:




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