Moved to a new host and now eCommerce Gem Plus does not work.

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    My Website is –

    When you click on the website homepage theme does not work anymore, ever since i moved to a new hosting company.

    I have done the following:

    1. Delete Ecommerece Plus theme and re-installed it
    2. Re=activated the theme license.
    3. Swap it with free gem commerce (whichs works) then re-active gem commerce plus still didn’t work
    4. Delete Ecommerece Gem Plus ZIP and re-download file from the host and re-upload it

    Rest of the site works perfectly fine, just the home page

    Please advise how to fix this issue


    I have had to move back to the free version of E commerce Gem for the time being..


    Hello Christopher,

    Thank you for purchasing our theme!

    For the issue you are facing, it looks like you have used any third party plugin for caching or optimize the image. This is not a theme issue.
    Please deactivate plugins one by one and check it.

    Hope it will work for you.

    Team ProDesigns



    Sorry for my late reply to this thread. I would like to know more about using a web hosting for my new eCommerce website. Can you please help me here?



    I don’t understand this at all and unfortunately I can’t help you because I always have specialists help me with all questions and difficulties. And when I needed to set up payment processing, I found a website at which I turned to professionals in this matter because I still don’t understand anything myself.



    Sorry to hear about your issue here. That’s a better and reliable web hosting is most important. If you are really unware about choosing a web hosting service you can take help from Google.



    I found something that I want to input here. This article is written on the basis of web hosting service Just read and educate yourself. All the best!



    Oh, GeorgeWilson, I’m just like that as well. Even though I’m an owner of a business and I should know something about that myself, it’s way easier for me to just contact a company and get everything done. When I was working on the protection of my website, provided me with the anti-fraud solution and security, so it was easy for me.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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