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    My website having trouble loading the homepage. And then I have checked the loading time of my website from the GT matrix. There are lots of information available so I can’t understand how to solve the loading time of my website. here is my website <a href=””>visit here</a>.

    I am new in the SEO field so I need some suggestions to solve this problem.



    Hey Indiross!

    I can understand your pain which you are feeling right now because I was on the same situation on which you are right now. Don’t be sad, you can even increase your website page speed by just optimizing something, you should start from images first. I see your site has some unoptimized and large file size of images, that can be cause of increasing your site speed. and second thing you have to do that connect your hosting with cloudflare. and install a cache plugin too.


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    Of course, you can create a website for your business through the designer yourself, but I, as a person who has gone through this, probably recommended making a normal website for you right away, because you will inevitably come to the conclusion that it is simply necessary. When your small business has already turned into something large-scale, with a good turnover per year, then you will understand that the website builder does not work very well, plus everything looks like it’s not bad, but it’s still absurd, and yet the site is a business card these days and should look just great. But I realized this after 8 months and I believe that by contacting the company I realized for myself that I lost my time, because now I have one of the best sites in my niche!



    Yes there are so many options are available to do this task just I did in website you can see here.

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