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    I see how to add categories in the Portfolio page but how do I change the existing ones?


    Thomas Adams

    Go to Appearance → Editor and click on taxonomy-portfolio-category.php
    Line 4 will show the following
    $terms = get_terms("portfolio-category", "orderby=count&hide_empty=0&parent=0");
    Change count to your desired value. Your choices are:
    ID – the order you created the categories
    name – alphabetical
    Click Update File when done
    Repeat for portfolio.php
    $terms = get_terms(“portfolio-category”, “orderby=name&hide_empty=0&parent=0”);

    If your categories are displaying in the wrong direction, (ie Z to A), add an order parameter. Example

    ‘ASC‘ – ascending order from lowest to highest values (1, 2, 3; a, b, c).
    ‘DESC‘ – descending order from highest to lowest values (3, 2, 1; c, b, a).
    $terms = get_terms("portfolio-category", "orderby=name&order=ASC&hide_empty=0&parent=0");

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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