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    I have sent two emails to you in regards to an issue with the paid version of this theme.

    When viewing business point pro on mobile (& now desktop too at times) & clicking on one of the sliders it takes you through to an incorrect page. How do I fix it? Thanks, Michelle

    I have emailed both these addresses… &


    Hi @Michelle Thompson-Laing,

    Upon checking the slider on your site, it seems the delay set is a bit too long for the fade effect. This makes the button to update after a little delay and thus keeping the URL of the button to the previous slide for a little longer than expected.

    To resolve this, please implement any or both of the the below two methods:
    Method#1 – Change the Transition Effect
    1. Login to the admin area
    2. Go to “Appearance >> Customize >> Featured Slider Options >> Slider Effects Setting”
    3. Change the “Transition Effect” to “scrollHorz”

    Method#2 – Change the Transition Delay Duration
    If you would like to keep the fade effect try the below:
    In step 3, instead of changing the effect, reduce the “Transition Duration”

    This should give you the desired behavior.

    Thank you

    Team ProDesigns Themes


    Thanks, I will update this now. Is there an email address that is best for contacting support?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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