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    I recently change my theme for MedicalWay, it works perfectly. But in Google Search Console I’ve an error with the Breadcrumb.

    My WebSite is

    On all Sub-pages I’ve this error on GSC “Missing field Item”
    For exemple a <a href=””>test result from Structured data test tool</a>.

    In the theme the Breadcrumb is set to Simple.

    Is there something else to do to in the theme settings avoid this error in Google Serach Console ?
    Could you help me, please ?

    Best regards


    Hello SarahJ

    Hope you are doing good!

    We are just updating our theme in wordpress repo with resolution of this error and you will get in the update in a next few days.

    Once you get the notificaion, please update the theme to resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps!

    Have a great day ahead!

    Team ProDesigns




    Thank you for the update. But after checking, I’ve got a new error on the BreadCrumb List in Google Search Console.
    The error is : The value provided for must be a valid URL

    Here the URL that I’ve tested :

    And the test result here :

    Can you resolve this ?

    Thank you
    Best regards




    To complete my post above, I’ve test the solution in this topic, but it didn’t work

    Google search console error with Breadcrumb

    I’ve a Child-theme and when I replace the “public function trail()” it didn’t work.
    I’ve still the error explained juste above.

    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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