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    Adjust the left and right markings of the section where the photo will be inserted to negative numbers equal to the margins. You’ll also need to make the header/distance footer’s from the page’s edge zero. You may perform all of this simply dragging the horizontal or vertical ruler. If you like, I can provide you an example. <ahref=”” rel=”nofollow”></a&gt;



    I’m just going to focus on the things that I think need to be changed. The overall design of the website is modern and I don’t have any major qualms on what you’re going for, there’s just a few execution issues I’d address.


    Your navbar is too small in height on desktop. It’s very hard to read the logo’s text. I’d considering using a different logo, where the mark is to the left of the text. This will allow you more real estate for readability.
    The navbar doesn’t translate very well on a 801 – 1134 px wide screen. It pushes the links below the logo and overflows terribly, making it nearly impossible to read.
    I’d consider adding some padding to the top and bottom of the navbar so the logo doesn’t look like it’s at the very edge of the row.
    Center your navbar links to the logo’s height.
    I like the rollover effect on your nav links, except on the translation buttons. I’d consider just making these have a lower opacity on rollover, as apposed to the top border. That way you have more separation between them and the actual content links.
    Consider making your footer a sticky to the bottom of the page. On a large screen, it floats in the center of the page when you don’t have much content included. This is a pretty simple fix, just Google “Sticky Footer CSS”.
    Consider adding right and left padding to your full-width text sections as it gets hard to read them on smaller screens, since the text is right up against the edge.
    Add a favicon so it helps make the webpage stand out on a browser’s tab like

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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