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    I would like to offer some added Instructions towards the customizing of Winsome Pro

      Slider Information

    Find these under Pages>All Pages>Second Page>Slider

    These are where you will find your slider pages that currently have random strings as headings. You can change the background by changing the Featured Image.

    If you do not want Call to Action buttons simply delete the text in the button and it will no longer be shown.

      Our Services Icons

    These are documented in the instructions available but aren’t too clear, there is a whole heap of different icons you can use and can be found here simply add them in your code under the Icon box as fa-**** example fa-rebel.There is no need for fa fa-**** this has been tested by myself to be working.

      Pictures for CTA and Testimonials

    Make sure that you have made the image full size on the bottom of the image menu after uploading (you may need to scroll down the page a little).

      Our Work

    You can delete the selections in the headings below Our Work such as CSS and HTML by only selecting Portfolio as the category.


    There are a couple of things to remember here. The Contact Form needs accessing through the main admin console and the details changed in the actual form. Contact>Contact Forms>Contact Us>Edit – Click on the mail tab and change the information here.

    Pages>Contact is where you will find the information to delete/change the map and the information provided such as hours, email and phone number.

    Incidentally the footer information can be found in Appearance>Customize>Widgets>Footer 2


    Changing the colour of fonts in style.css:

    Headings of sections – widget-title
    Title of service under the icon – services-item-title
    Smaller font across the site – p found on line 282 under body

    Our Work smaller titles – portfolio-title
    Latest News smaller titles – latest-news-title

    These are just somethings i have come across that may just help some people who may get stuck along the way. I may look to update with more information in future as i continue to modify.

    If there are any questions as to things you need just drop a reply below.



    Hi @markap

    Thanks for additional instructions. We will try our best to cover these points in next update of our documentation.

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