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    FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) is a file transfer protocol . It began to be used in 1971 and was perfected until reaching the final version, published in 1985, which is the one we use today.

    This protocol allows a client computer to connect to a server to download files from it or to send it new files or modify existing ones.

    In summary, thanks to FTP we will be able to exchange different types of files between computers connected to the same internal network or to the Internet.
    If, for example, you are working on a website, thanks to this protocol you can connect to the server to upload new files to it, modify them or download a folder or file on your website from your computer.

    To be able to use the FTP protocol we have to have an FTP server and an FTP client since this protocol works following the “client-server” model. In this model, the “client” would be the device that requests the service from the server, while the server is the one that would house the information with which we want to work and is in charge of sending the requested information to the client.

    Next, we will be able to see more clearly what is an FTP client and server and what types of FTP servers we can find.

    What is an FTP client?

    An FTP client is software that allows you to easily connect to a server from your computer to exchange files with it.

    Thanks to FTP clients you can connect, for example, to your hosting and edit the files on your website, upload new files or download them to save a copy on your computer. Also, you can create new folders on the server from your FTP client and delete content.

    One of the best known and most used clients today is “ Filezilla ”. In our guides you can see more information about this FTP client and how to use it to connect to an FTP server. Another option that may interest you is ” Cyberduck “.

    What is an FTP server?

    The FTP server is software that is installed on the server connected to the Internet or to a private network whose function is to allow clients to connect to it to manage and exchange files.

    One of the most common uses of FTP servers is that of web hosting. Thanks to them, you can connect to the hosting easily from your computer to work with the files on your website without having to access the file manager of the hosting you use.

    There are many FTP servers today. Among the best known we can name: Vsftpd, Filezilla server, Proftpd or Pure-ftpd.

    FTP server types

    We can find three types of FTP depending on how the connection is made.

    Authenticated FTP

    It is the most common of the three. In order to connect to the server, you need an FTP username and password.

    This type of FTP is the most used today since it would be the safest as it requires a username and password to connect to the server.


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    FTP means file transfer protocol like you send your any file to your website server. Like i want to stream Willow Tv Live Streaming for icc world cup t20 then i have a website https://www.criclink.com/willow-tv/ from ftp i will go live through my main server.



    Is it safe? What if there’s going to be a virus on one computer, so does it mean that the other one will get it as well? It doesn’t sound really secure, so I’m not quite sure if it’s a good idea to use this way of transferring data.



    You’re right, it’s not a secure way to transfer data from one computer to another. FTP is really susceptible to hackers since they can access this information with little to no effort. That’s why it’s better to care about your security and not use something like that. I’m aware that some people don’t care about their cyber security since they think there’s nothing valuable on their computers, but actually, it’s possible to even hack a secure system and turn it off if you use something not as reliable as https://ajax.systems/products/starterkit-cam-plus/ . Cyber security is an inherent part of security in general, so it’s a necessity to use anti-virus protection, strong passwords, and stuff like that.

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